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Martin Batterson

Job Title
Project Geologist
Geochemistry, Geophysics and Terrain Sciences Section
Surficial mapping, drift exploration, and environmental geology

Contact Information
Tel: 709-729-3419
Fax: 709-729-4270

Survey Projects

Till geochemistry and glacial dispersal in the Avalon - Bonavista - Burin peninisulas.
Surficial and hazard mapping of the St. John's Peninsula.
Ongoing geological hazards research.
Stratigraphy and surficial geology of northern St. George's Bay.
Quaternary history of the Humber River basin, western Newfoundland.
Surficial mapping of the Kanairiktok valley and surrounding areas, central Labrador.
Till geochemistry of parts of central and northern Labrador.
Surficial mapping of the Gander area.

Research Interests
Glacial history of Newfoundland.
Sea level change.
Quaternary stratigraphy of the west coast.
Quaternary sedimentology.
Geological hazards and land use planning.
Development of field trip guides and other related educational material.

Selected Publications

Liverman D.G.E., Catto, N.R. and Batterson M.J.
2006 (in press): Geological Hazards in St. John's. Newfoundland and Labrador Studies, Volume 21, pages 1719-1726.

Shaw J., Piper D.J.W. Fader G.B. King E.L., Todd B.J., Bell T, Batterson M.J. and Liverman, D.G.E.
2006: A conceptual model of the deglaciation of Atlantic Canada. Quaternary Science Reviews, 25, 2059-2081.

Batterson, M.J. and Catto, N.R.
2003. Reply to comment on "Topographically-controlled deglacial history of the Humber River basin, western Newfoundland", by M.J. Batterson and N.R. Catto.. Geographie Physique et Quaternaire 57: 104-105.

Bell, T., Batterson, M.J., Liverman, D.G.E. and Shaw J.
2003: A new late-glacial sea-level record for St. George's Bay, Newfoundland. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 40, 1053-1070.

Batterson, M.J. and Catto, N.R.
2001. Topographically-controlled deglacial history of the Humber River Basin, western Newfoundland. Geographie Physique et Quaternaire 55(3):213-228.

Batterson, M.J.
2003. Quaternary geography and sedimentology of the Humber River basin and adjacent areas. Report 03-02, 211 pages.

Bell, T.; Liverman, D.G.E.; Batterson, M.J.; and Sheppard, K.
2002: Late Wisconsinan stratigraphy and chronology of southern St. George's Bay, Newfoundland: a re-appraisal: Reply. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 39, 1843-1845.

Liverman D.G.E., Batterson, M.J., Taylor D., and Ryan J.
2001. Geological hazards and disasters in Newfoundland. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 38, 936-956.

Batterson, M.J., and Liverman D.G.E.
2001 The contrasting styles of glacial dispersal in Newfoundland and Labrador: methods and case studies. Geological Society Special Publication No. 185 "Drift Exploration in glaciated terrain". Edited by MB McClenaghan, PT Bobrowsky, GEM Hall and SJ Cook.

Bell, T, Liverman D.G.E., Sheppard, K, and Batterson, M.J..
2001. Sedimentology and stratigraphy of southern St. George's Bay. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 38, 851-869.

Liverman D.G.E; Catto, N.; Batterson, M.J.; Mackenzie, C.; Munro-Stasiuk, M.; Scott, S.; and Sommerville, A. 2000.
Evidence of Late Glacial permafrost in Newfoundland. Quaternary International 68-71(1): p 163-174.

Batterson, M.J.
1996: Quaternary geology of parts of the central and southern Hopedale Block, Labrador. Current Research, Newfoundland Department of Mines and Energy, Geological Survey, Report 96-1, pages 1-10.

1989: Glacial dispersal from the Strange Lake alkalic complex, northern Labrador. In R.N.W. Dilabio and W.B. Coker (eds) Drift Prospecting. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 89-20, pages 31-40.

1984: Surficial Geology of the Waterford River Basin, St. John's, Newfoundland. Water Resources Division, Department of Environment, Urban Hydrology of the Waterford River Basin Technical Report T-1, 29 pages.

Batterson, M.J., and Liverman, D.G.E.
1995: Landscapes of Newfoundland and Labrador; A collection of Aerial Photographs. Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources, Report 95-3, 133 pages.

Forbes, D.L., Covill, R.A., Feindel, R.D. and Batterson, M.J.
1995: Preliminary assessment of coastal erosion between Port au Port and Stephenville, St. George's Bay, West Newfoundland. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 3082.

Batterson, M.J., and Liverman, D.G.E.
1993: Glacial lake development and marine inundation, Deer Lake area, Newfoundland, Canada: topographically controlled deglaciation of an interior basin. Journal of Quaternary Science, 8, 327-337.

McConnell, J.W. and Batterson, M.J.
1987: The Strange Lake Zr-Y-Nb-Be-REE deposit, Labrador: A geochemical profile in till, lake and stream sediment and water. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 29, 105-127.

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