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The Forestry Services Branch of the Forestry and Agrifoods Agency, is responsible for managing and regulating the forest resources of the province. This includes planning for sustainable harvesting of the timber resource, building resource roads for extraction of the forest resource, and providing assistance to forest industries. The Forestry Services Branch carriers out forest protection in the form of insect and pest control, forest fire protection and enforcement of the Forestry Act as components of forest management. Research activities surrounding ecosystem sustainability and silviculture options are also conducted by the Branch.

Industry Overview

  • The province’s forestry sector estimated value for 2009 is about $250 million for the products produced. This includes newsprint, lumber and value added production.
  • The industry directly and indirectly employs 5500 people involved in pulp and paper production, sawmilling, woods contracting and value added enterprises.
  • The sector has experienced mixed results over the past number of years. The demand for newsprint has been declining in the United States at a rate of approximately 10 per cent per year. Concurrently, the housing market in the United States is at historic lows resulting in reduced demand for lumber, however markets are expected to improve in 2011.
  • The cost of production per tonne of paper and lumber continues to increase due to rising energy prices, a strong Canadian dollar, and increased competition from other countries. An innovative approach to forest industry development is required to ensure that the current benefits of a competitive and sustainable industry are maintained and the industry is positioned for the challenges of the future.

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