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The Way Forward, Building for Our Future
Growing the Potential of our Mineral Resources

Mining presents a strong opportunity to grow the province’s economy. Already a major economic contributor, mining is forecasted in 2018 to employ 6,000 people and generate $3.4 billion in mineral shipments. As evidenced by our world-class publicly available geoscience, significant potential exists for further exploration and development of vast mineral deposits, particularly in Labrador and in Central Newfoundland’s gold opportunities.

Minerals and metals are essential ingredients of a green and technologically advanced economy. Our government intends to seize this opportunity. With the growing popularity of electric vehicles and other new technologies that require metals such as nickel, copper and cobalt, which our province has in abundance, there is even greater potential for growth in our mining industry.

In 2018-19, in collaboration with the mining industry and community stakeholders, we will develop a strategic framework for growing the provincial mining sector in a manner that is responsible, sustainable, competitive and supportive of private-sector investments and job growth in our rural areas. Icon

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