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Forestry Information Reports

Copies of reports available by contacting:

Forest Engineering & Industry Services
Newfoundland Forest Service
P.O. Box 2006
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 6J8

Bus: (709) 637-2307
Fax: (709) 637-2403

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Report No. 1
Rebate Fund for DDC 500 Project Progress Report, B. Buggie

Report No. 2
Roadside Debris Mitigation with Chippers Technical Visit Report, B. Buggie

Report No. 3
Woodchips Workshop Seminar Report, B. Buggie

Report No. 4
Moisture Content of Woodchips/Sawmill Residue, Information Report, B. Buggie

Report No. 5
Woodchips/Sawmill Residue Freezing in Vans, B. Buggie

Report No. 6
Evaluation of Logging Systems Progress Report, E. Young

Report No. 7
Quad Axle Semi -Trailers And Their Possible Use In Newfoundland, E. Young

Report No. 8
Field Evaluation Of A Haybuster HD10 Portable Tub Grinder Processing Full Tree Debris At Roadside, E. Young

Report No. 9
Commercial Thinning Extraction Trial, E. Young

Report No. 10
Lump Charcoal Production From Sawmill Waste - Black Rock Forest Kiln, G. Forward

Report No. 11
Residual Stand Damage Assessment Following Commercial Thinning, E. Young

Report No. 12
Newfoundland Timber Harvesting - Logging Systems in Use Today, E. Young

Report No. 13
Production and Consumption of Woodfuel and Pulpfibre Chips in Newfoundland, 1993, E. Young & P. Hynes

Report No. 14
Preservation of Natural Regeneration with Careful Logging Techniques. Young, Gibbons, Kelly, Lewis & Coates

Report No. 15
Farm Tractor Technology Tour, NS. P. Hynes

Report No. 16
The Production & Consumption of Woodfuel and Pulp Fibre Chips in Newfoundland, 1994. P. Hynes & E.Young

Report No. 17
Secondary Manufacturers of Wood Products in Maine and Summary of the 1995 Northeastern Loggers Congress and Equipment Expo.   G. Forward & E. Young

Report No. 18
Snowmobile Extraction of Pulpwood and Sawlogs, P. Hynes,J. Russell & E. Young

Report No. 19
Utilization of Sawmill Residue for On-Site Power Production - Preliminary Review. Acres International Ltd.

Report No. 20
The Production and Consumption of Woodfuel and Pulpfibre Chips in Newfoundland, 1995. April, 1996 P. Hynes & E. Young

Report No. 21
The Consumption of Woodfuel and Pulpfibre Chips in NL, 1996 E. Young & J. Russell.

Report No. 22
The Implications of Mechanical Harvesting in Newfound-land. January, 1998 E. Young

Report No. 23
The Consumption of Woodfuel and Pulpfibre Chips in NL, 1997. March, 1998 J. Russell

Report No. 24
Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Labrador White Spruce For Use in Timber Bridges. April, 1998 Wood Science & Technology Centre, UNB.

Report No. 25
The Consumption of Woodfuel and Pulpfibre Chips in NL, 1998. March, 1999 J. Russell

Report No. 26
Accessing the South Side of the Churchill River - Crossing Alternatives. April 2000 E. Young

Report No. 27
The Consumption of Woodfuel and Pulpfibre Chips in NL, 1999. May, 2000 J. Russell

Report No. 28
1998-99 Lumber Production Repot. June, 2000 S. James.

Report No. 29
Merchantable Volume Losses As a Result of Forest Fires in Newfoundland & Labrador. December 2000 D. Myles & E. Young

Report No. 30
Guidelines For The Evaluation of Logging Systems. December, 2000. D. Myles

Report No. 31
2000 Canadians Forest Fire Interagency Report For Newfoundland & Labrador. December, 2000. P. Sullivan

Report No. 34
Summary of Hardwood Extraction from North Harbour Cable Logging Trial. January, 2002. G. Forward

Report No. 35
Selective Harvesting Within Buffers. October, 2002. S. Kitchen & J. Russell

Report No. 36
Birch Lumber Recovery & Quality Trial. May 2003. G. Forward & J. Russell

Report No. 37
Selective Harvesting Within Riparian Zones. December, 2003. D. Myles & E. Young

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