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Dimension Stone in Newfoundland & Labrador

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Aspects of Mining in Newfoundland and Labrador **
Fossils of Newfoundland and Labrador
Geology & Geological Features **
Geological Disasters in Newfoundland & Labrador **
Geology of the West Coast of Newfoundland
Glossary of Geological Terms
Gold Occurrences
Manuels Pyrophyllite Mine
Meteors and Meteorites
Minerals of Newfoundland & Labrador **
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Overview & History
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Safety and Geological Field Work
Short History of the Geology of the Bird Cove area  (pdf - 5mb)
Will Someone Find Diamonds in Labrador?
** Only Available Online


Geological Maps
Index of Bedrock Geology maps for Newfoundland
Index of Bedrock Geology maps for Labrador
Index of Surficial Geology and Aggregate maps for Newfoundland
Prospecting Environments: Newfoundland  (pdf - 2mb)
Prospecting Environments: Labrador  (pdf - 8mb)
Simplified Geology Map (page size) of Newfoundland  (pdf - 2mb)
Simplified Geology Map (page size) of Labrador  (pdf - 20mb)
Labrador Map Legend  (pdf - 2mb)
Geoscience Resources Atlas

Geoscience Resource Atlas

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Mineral Exploration and Mining


Mineral Exploration

Mineral Occurrences - MODS

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Mineral Exploration Assessment Reports (Geofiles)
Geoscan (Geological Survey of Canada)

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