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Mines & Energy is responsible for administering 12 different pieces of legislation under powers granted to its Minister through the Executive Council Act. Unofficial copies of each Act and its associated Regulations as listed below, can be found on goverment's House of Assembly website. This site also lists Acts not included in the Consolidate Statues such as Local, Personal and Private Acts.

Official copies of any Act can be ordered through the Queen's Printer, Telephone 709-729-3210, Fax 709-729-4002.
The Executive Council Act
Ministerial Responsibilities
  Mines Branch
  Energy Branch
Related Legislation
  Newfoundland & Labrador

Executive Council Act
The Executive Council Act sets the framework within which Acts approved by the House of Assembly are assigned to a�responsible Minister. Most, but not all, Acts and Regulations are consolidated�into�one document to give a current statement of the law.�Departments administer these Acts and associated regulations on behalf of the Minister and the province.

In addition, the mandate of each department is set out by a Notice under this Act. Mines & Energy's most recent mandate can be found in that Notice.

Mines Branch
  Mineral Act
- Mineral Regulations
- Environmental Guidelines for Construction and Mineral Exploration Companies  (PDF)
- Assessment Reports Format  (PDF)
  Mining Act
- Guidelines to the Mining Act  (PDF)
- Mining Regulations
- Small Scale Operations Regulations
  Mineral Holdings Impost Act
- Mineral Holdings Impost Regulations
  Quarry Materials Act, 1998
- Quarry Materials Regulations
  Undeveloped Mineral Areas Act
- Undeveloped Mineral Areas Order

Energy Branch
  Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Accord Implementation Newfoundland Act
- Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Oil & Gas Spills and Debris Liability Newfoundland Regulations
- Certificate of Fitness Newfoundland Regulations
- Offshore Area Oil & Gas Operations Regulations
- Offshore Area Petroleum Geophysical Operations Newfoundland Regulations
- Offshore Area Petroleum Production and Conservation Newfoundland and Labrador Regulations
- Offshore Area Registration Regulations
- Offshore Petroleum Drilling Newfoundland Regulations
  Electrical Power Control Act, 1994
  Hydro Corporation Act
  Lower Churchill Development Act
  Petroleum and Natural Gas Act
- Validating Well for the Purpose of Permit Extension (PDF)
  - Guideline for Final Well Reports for Onshore to Offshore Wells Draft (PDF)
- Guideline for Drilling Application Submissions  Draft (PDF)
- Guideline for Information Submission to the Petroleum Exploration Referral System  (PDF)
- Guidelines for Final Well Reports for Petroleum Exploratory Wells (PDF)
- Newfoundland and Labrador Exploration Survey Regulations (Including Guidelines for Conducting Petroleum Exploration Surveys in the Newfoundland and Labrador Onshore Area) Draft  (PDF)
- BOP Classification System for Onshore Newfoundland & Labrador
- Oil Royalty Regulations
- Petroleum Drilling Regulations
- Royalty Regulations 2003
- Petroleum Regulations
  The Newfoundland and Labrador Power Commission (Water Power) Act

Related Legislation - Newfoundland & Labrador
  Corporations Act
  Engineers and Geoscientists Act
  Environmental Protection Act
- Guide to the Environmental Protection Act  (PDF)
  Forestry Act
  Historic Resources Act
  Lands Act
- Reservation of Minerals
  Occupational Health and Safety Act
- Mines Safety of Workers Regulations
  Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement Act
- Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement
- Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement Appendices
- Exploration Standards for Labrador Inuit Lands
- Implications for Subsurface Exploration and Development
  Mining and Mineral Rights Tax Act, 2002
  Provincial Parks Act
  Public Utilities Act
  Securities Act
  Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000
  Water Resources Act
  Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Act
  Wildlife Act

Related Legislation - Canada
  Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
  Canada-Newfoundland Atlantic Accord Implementation Act
  Oceans Act

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