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Indices of geology maps published and available from us, current claims maps, and links to our databases, such as MODS and Geofiles (including information and reports on onshore petroleum, peat and mineral exploration assessment reports).

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  Active Exploration Companies (MEI)
  Carbon-14 Date List *
  Drill Core Libraries *
  Geofiles (Mineral Exploration Assessment Reports)
Geological Disasters in Newfoundland & Labrador
  Geoscience Resources Atlas
  Mineral Exploration Service Companies
  Mineral Occurrence Database System (MODS) *
  Mineral Rights Licence Inquiry *
  Mining Companies & Commodities

  Electricity Generation Sites  (pdf - 1mb)
  Geological Maps
  Geoscience Resources Atlas
  Mineral Claims Maps *
  Offshore Petroleum
  Onshore Petroleum
  Topographical Maps

*  indicates inclusion in the Geoscience Resource Atlas.
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