Natural Resources

Energy Branch


Petroleum Development Section

Petroleum Engineering Division

David Corkey
Director, Petroleum Engineering
Tel: 709 729-7188
Linda Davis
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 709 729-7139
Jillian Drover
Petroelum GIS Technologist
Tel: 709 729-4140
Paul Molloy
Manager, Petroleum Engineering
Tel: 709 729-6813
Annie Parrell
Petroleum Engineering Technologist
Tel: 709 729-0006
Shane Mavin
Petroleum Engineer
Tel: 709 729-2323
Andre Peddigrew
Senior Petroleum Technologist
Tel: 709 729-2286
Ian Boddy
Manager, Petroleum Engineering (Drilling and Production)
Tel: 709 729-7142

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Petroleum Geoscience Division

Jovan Petrovic
Director, Petroleum Geoscience
Tel: 709 729-1821
Larry Hicks
Manager, Petroleum Geoscience (Geology)
Tel: 709 729-2285
Karen Waterman
Petroleum Technologist
Tel: 709 729-5484
Ashley Krakowka
Manager of Petroleum Geoscience (Geophysics)
Tel: 709 729-6949
John Townsley
Petroleum Geophysics Consultant
Tel: 709 729-7036

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Petroleum Marketing and Promotion Division

Director, Marketing and Promotion
Tel: 709 729-
Brad Kendell
Marketing and Production Coordinator
Tel: 709 729-2533

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Royalties and Benefits Section

Royalties Administration and Monitoring Division

Kristopher Slaney
Tel: 709 729-4205
Karen Hibbs
Manager, Project Monitoring and Administration
Tel: 709 729-0278
Petroleum Projects Financial Analyst
Tel: 709 729-6584
Donna Godwin
Manager of Petroleum Audits and Assessments
Tel: 709 729-3476
Michael Norman
Manager, Petroleum Audits and Assessments
Tel: 709 729-4174
Tiffany Bradbury
Clerk Typist III
Tel: 709 729-4678
Antonia Hurley
Senior Petroleum Auditor
Tel: 709 729-1749
Chris Mallard
Senior Petroleum Auditor
Tel: 709 729-3135
Senior Petroleum Auditor
Don Crane
Senior Petroleum Auditor
Tel: 729-5709
Kathleen Hamilton
Senior Petroleum Auditor
Tel: 709 729-2150
Michael Shano
Petroleum Auditor
Tel: 709 729-2365
Nichola Sooley
Senior Petroleum Auditor
Tel: 709 729-2289
Steve Freeman
Petroleum Auditor
Tel: 709 729-0258
Jennifer Tucker
Petroleum Auditor
Tel: 709 729-6037
Jerry Jose
Petroleum Auditor
Tel: 709 729-6037
Lillian Hodder
Accounting Clerk II
Tel: 709 729-1631

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Economics and Benefits Division

Nena Abundo
Economics and Benefits
Tel: 709 729-1958
Gerard Collins
Manager, Research and Analysis (Energy Modeling)
Tel: 709 729-4679
Paul Parsons
Manager, Energy Market Research and Evaluation
Tel: 709 729-5728
Program and Policy Development Specialist
Tel: 709 729-
Jennifer Beer-Warren
Senior Policy, Planning and Research Analyst
Tel: 709 729-2414
Martin Hounsell
Energy Economist
Tel: 709 729-6877
Ashley Davis
Statistician I
Tel: 709-729-4679
Angie Philpott
Manager, Industrial Benefits
Tel: 709 729-5746
Tina Patey
Industrial Development Officer
Tel: 709-729-1856
Andrew Coates
Industrial Development Officer II
Tel: 709-729-1857

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Energy Policy Section

Regulatory Affairs Division

Chris Carter (A)
Director, Regulatory Affairs
Tel: 709 729-1509
Manager, Regulatory Development
Robyn Montague
Manager, Regulatory Compliance
Tel: 709 729-5901
Herb Simms
Program and Policy Development Specialist
Tel: 709 729-4413
Ramona Janes
Departmental Program Coordinator
Tel: 709 729-4497
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 709 729-4571

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Electricity and Alternative Energy Division

Keith Bradbury
Director, Electricity and Alternative Energy (A)
Tel: 709-729-1406
Manager, Electricity Industry
Tel: 709 729-
Lucy MacDonald
Manager, Electricity Markets and Alternative Energy
Tel: 709 729-5714
Robert Bates
Manager, Policy and Program Planning
Tel: 709 729-5734
Wayne Skinner
Program and Policy Development Specialist
Tel: 709 729-2765
Susan Brewer
Senior Policy, Planning and Research Analyst
Tel: 709 729-1386
Yousaf Khan
Policy, Planning and Research Analyst
Tel: 709 729-1476

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