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Western NL Geoscience Database

The Western Newfoundland Geoscience Database contains about 3300 geoscientific publications specific to Paleozoic basins found in and around western Newfoundland and Labrador. The database documents existing knowledge about the region and links users to information about petroleum systems which can be used for more detailed searches with the database.

The database is useful for researchers who are interested in the overall tectonic, geomorphic, stratigraphic and/or petroleum framework for both the onshore and offshore basins in the area. It contains information and links to digital files such as:

  • seismic data
  • gravity and magnetic data
  • well logs and well reports
  • core and cuttings descriptions
  • subsurface geology
  • bedrock and surficial maps
  • academic journal articles and dissertations
  • industry publications and reports,
  • conference presentations
  • papers
  • abstracts
  • field guidebooks

Information can be found on the following areas: Western Newfoundland sedimentary basins; Anticosti - (Lower Paleozoic), Bay St. George, Deer Lake, Sydney and St. Anthony - (Upper Paleozoic).

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