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Energy Plan

The 2007 Energy Plan: Focusing Our Energy PDF (8.2 MB) guides and defines Newfoundland and Labrador’s vision for energy resource development. The province is blessed with an abundance of natural resource wealth that few jurisdictions in North America can match. This Energy Warehouse, which includes oil, gas, hydro, wind and other energy sources, positions Newfoundland and Labrador as a significant energy player on the international stage.

Focusing Our Energy is a comprehensive document that guides both the short-term and long-term energy policies of the province. The Plan charts a course to achieve self-reliance, prosperity, and sustainable green energy solutions for the 21st century and beyond.

The plan is the culmination of a comprehensive process: a detailed discussion paper that encouraged public discussion about the province’s energy resources; comprehensive consultations throughout the entire province; written submissions; Provincial Government-led research and analysis; and engagement of external non-governmental energy advisors.

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