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The Geological Survey Division carries out impartial, state-of-the-art geoscientific investigations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador in order to interpret and explain the Province's geological evolution, and to describe, interpret and explain the distribution, nature, quantity and origin of the Province's mineral resources. Learn more about the Geological Survey and its programs.

Our geoscience data are acquired through geophysical and geochemical surveys, mineral deposit studies, aggregate assessments, and systematic bedrock and surficial mapping.

The Division also collects and maintains a comprehensive on-line and in-house archive of industry data. These files are made available to stakeholders, once they are no longer confidential.

This public- and private-sector geoscience is made readily available, via the internet or over-the-counter, either gratis or at minimal fee, to our clients in a variety of sectors. Learn more about the Geological Survey and its programs.

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