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Prospectors Assistance Program (PAP) is a provincially funded program that provides training and direct financial support to individuals who want to conduct mineral exploration in the Province. The program is designed to encourage and promote development of the mineral-prospecting industry through the discovery of wealth-generating mineral deposits. The program is comprised of two components: Prospector Training and Prospecting Assistance Grants.

Prospecting Grants

Direct financial assistance is provided to eligible residents who are at least 19 years of age and involved in independent mineral exploration activities. Approved projects on crown land or the proponents’ registered claims are supported by grants of up to $6,000 for traditional and grass-roots prospecting. Up to a maximum of $6,000 is also available for air (float plane or helicopter) support to remote properties with no other means of access. Assistance to a maximum of $12,000.00 may be available for prospects considered to be at an "advanced" stage.

Mineral exploration and prospecting involves high-risk investment. Prospecting requires geochemical, geophysical and other geo-technical support which is expensive but essential, and the prospector’s chance of financial return is low. Prospecting grants help to offset the cost of these activities. The prospectors are also supported by field visits and guidance from the program manager, as well as other departmental personnel. Sixty percent of the grant is paid in advance and the remainder is paid upon satisfactory completion of the project and submission of an approved final report.

The Department of Natural Resources considers the prospector’s assistance grants very successful and fundamental in providing a basis for future mineral development. Any mineral prospects that develop to production have a positive, "real wealth" effect on the provincial economy.

A listing of PAP grant recipients and final payment amounts will be updated annually. Final payment of grants will be as outlined in the contribution agreement and is dependent on submission of a satisfactory final report and the program being carried out as described in the approved application for funding.

Prospector Training

The Department of Natural Resources, in partnership with College of the North Atlantic, offers a non-credit, two-week Prospectors Training Course. The 2019 course offering is tentatively scheduled for May 27 - June 7, 2019 (pending sufficient enrolment) at the Bay St. George Campus in Stephenville. The deadline for applications is May 20, 2019 and must include a deposit of $50 made payable to the College of the North Atlantic. Applicants must be 19 years of age or older.

This is an intensive field-oriented course comprising practical instruction in basic prospecting methods from a diverse group of mineral exploration professionals. Graduates qualify for designation as genuine prospectors under Regulation 13 of the Mineral Regulations 1143/96.

For additional information, please contact Robyn Constantine, Mineral Development Division, Department of Natural Resources by emailing or calling 1-855-729-6448.

Prospector Applications

This area contains applications for prospecting grants and prospectors training courses. NOTE THAT SUBMISSION OF PROSPECTOR APPLICATIONS AND REPORTS ARE TO BE MADE TO MINERALINCENTIVE@GOV.NL.CA.

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