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Metallogenic Studies

Metallogeny, is the branch of geology that seeks to define the genetic relationship between the geological history of an area and its mineral deposits. Metallogenic research in the Mineral Deposits Section is aimed at achieving a better understanding of the nature and geological settings of base and precious metal deposits in the province, and to use this understanding to help direct private sector exploration to areas of high mineral exploration potential. To this end, our programs include both detailed studies of individual deposits (deposit-level studies) and regional geological studies of the different types of mineralization that occur over broad areas (regional metallogenic studies). The project geologists who conduct these studies represent an expertise resource that is available for consultation and advice to the mineral exploration industry.

Metallogeny programs constitute the largest single scientific effort of the Mineral Deposits Section. Projects are carried out as stand-alone metallogenic projects and as part of the Survey's series of multi-disciplinary studies focused on areas of exceptionally high mineral potential.

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