Natural Resources

Jennifer Organ

Project Geologist
Geochemistry, Geophysics and Terrain Sciences Section
Exploration and environmental geochemistry
Telephone: 709-729-1664
Fax: 709-729-4270

Survey Projects


  • Surficial mapping and till geochemistry, central Newfoundland

Research Interests

  • Surficial geology, sea-level change, till geochemistry

Selected Publications

Smith, J.S., Bell T. and Rankin L.
2003: Quaternary geology and landscae change, Porcupine Strand, Labrador. Department of Natural Resources, Geological Survey, Current Research, Report 03-01, p 293-305.

Smith, J.S.
2006. Northeast Wollaston Lake Project: Quaternary investigations of the Cochrane River (NTS map sheets 64L-10, -11, -14, and -15) and Charcoal Lake (NTS map sheets 64L-9 and -16) areas. Summary of Investigations 2006, Volume 2, Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Saskatchewan Industry Resources, Miscellaneous Report

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