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Geoscience Publications and Information

This section, organized around six principal lines of business, delivers services and programs at both divisional and branch levels. It is responsible for the provision of publishing, editing, design and cartographic support to the Mines Branch, and it directs the development and implementation of the Branch’s plans to promote opportunities for mineral exploration in the province. Other section responsibilities include industry information services, geoscience outreach, maintenance of public and private sector geoscience documents (GeoFiles), the branch website, and liaison with the mining industry.


Industry Information Services

This group is responsible for providing information services to our client groups, including the mining, exploration, geotechnical, environmental and construction industries, as well as educational institutes and the general public. This is attained through technical consultants, filling orders, and delivering special presentations to community councils and Regional Economic Development zone boards, province-wide. The group provides assistance with promotion and outreach programs, and provides support for the Mineral Resources Review, and the Matty Mitchell Prospectors Resource Room. Staff also participate in career fairs and government’s public service initiatives, in support of the outreach project.

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Geoscience Documents and Databases

This group is responsible for maintaining and up keeping the Mines Branch’s on-line and in-house GeoFiles (mineral exploration assessment reports, theses, published reports and maps, open files, etc.) as well as the Geological Survey's library of texts, journals and other non-provincial documents, image collections, and related databases. It provides search services, and coordinates publication notifications.

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Publications and Cartographic Services

The main activities of the group is the provision of cartographic, editorial, graphic design, report production, and support services to the Geological Survey and other divisions of the Mines Branch. This includes the production of black & white and color geological maps in a GIS-based system, posters and promotional materials, scientific reports (including Current Research), educational materials, website posting and secretarial services.

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The outreach project raises public awareness of the Province’s geological heritage and helps demonstrate the importance of geology and minerals in everyday life within the Province. It also delivers programs to demonstrate the nature and economic benefits of our modern, sustainable mining industry, and the career and business opportunities therein. The project also addresses near-term earth science-related needs of the province’s teachers via consultation with educators.

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The group is responsible for the implementation of the Mines Branch’s minerals promotion plan, which encourages further growth in the mining sector by capturing external investment. Other responsibilities include coordination of Branch exhibits at national and international conferences and trade shows, and the development of information packages and special publications on the provincial mineral exploration sector.

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Matty Mitchell Prospectors Resource Room

The Prospectors Resource Room, a partnership of the Geological Survey and Mining Industry NL, supplies mentoring, technical support and promotional assistance to a large number of prospectors across the Province,. The Resource Room project is managed by a joint government–industry committee, chaired by the Senior Geologist, Geoscience Publications and Information.

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These are the current staff of this section.

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