Natural Resources

Greg Stapleton

Project Geologist and Manager
Mineral Occurrence Data System (MODS)
Mineral Deposits Section
Telephone: 709-729-6071
Fax: 709-729-4270

Survey Projects


  • Develops, maintains, and manages the Geological Survey's computerized mineral deposits database.
  • Provides input on behalf of the Geological Survey on all land use proposals and land use policy with respect to possible impact on mineral resource development.
  • Compiles geoscientific information on the province's mineral resources for inclusion in the Geological Survey's Mineral Occurrence Data System, promotes the use of MODS to Geological Survey clients and fills requests for information on the provinces mineral resources.
  • Undertakes analyses of mineral deposit information for land-use planning.

Selected Publications

Recent Journal and Similar Publications

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Evans, D.T.W., and Stapleton, G. J.
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1991: MODS/PC - Mineral Occurrence Data System for Personal Computers. User's Manual (version 1.0) Open File NFLD2174.

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