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Terrain Sciences, Data Management and Geochemistry

This section covers a wide area of geology, including geochemical mapping, environmental geochemistry, geophysics, Quaternary mapping, aggregate evaluation, environmental geology, and urban geology. The Data Management component is responsible for GIS implementation in the Survey, and deals with all aspects of Geoscience data management, including archiving, web delivery, and standards.

Current Projects


  • Geochemical atlases
  • Geochemical surveys
  • Environmental geochemistry
  • Analytical methods, geochemical laboratory

Quaternary Geology

  • Surficial mapping and till geochemistry
  • Ice flow mapping and database development, Newfoundland

Environmental Geology

  • Coastal monitoring and geology
  • Geological Hazards - archival research and database development
  • Sea-level change
  • Hazard risk mapping
  • Environmental geochemistry


  • Geophysical compilations
  • Digital geophysical databases and indices
  • Digital capture of aerial and ground geophysical surveys

Aggregate Geology

  • Aggregate database and GIS development

GIS / Data Management

  • Digital atlases
  • Digitizing geophysical data, and Quaternary maps
  • Digital map production
  • Development of data standards and linkable documented geo-referenced Geoscience databases for CD ROM and Internet distribution
  • Web delivery of geological data
  • Field based data recording using hand-held computers

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These are the current staff of the section.

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