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The GeoFiles collection is an extensive repository of documents on the Geoscience of the province, including mineral-exploration assessment reports, published reports and maps, open file reports and maps, university theses, books and book excerpts, and unpublished reports and maps.

The mineral-exploration assessment reports contain company information on exploration activities including geochemical analysis, assays, drill-hole logs, geology, geophysics and mineralization, dating back to 1899.

The GeoFiles database may be searched by bibliographic terms (e.g., author, title, date) geographic terms (e.g., NTS, area, province) geological terms (e.g., rock type, formation name, geological age) and mineral exploration term (e.g., deposit name, survey type).

The GeoFiles collection can be searched online, through the GeoFiles database and GeoScience OnLine, or via various in-house vehicles.

Many documents are available for online viewing and downloading.  All new Department Geoscience publications and open files are available online and older Department documents are being added.  Over 97% of non-confidential assessment files are available online.  Newly-posted assessment files can be found here.

For help with online searches or for more complex in-house searches see Contact1 or Contact2

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