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Mineral Occurrence Data System: MODS

The Mineral Occurrence Data System (MODS) is the inventory of mineral occurrences in the province. It consists of an MS Access digital database containing information on approximately 6000 mineral occurrences, and a collection of mineral occurrence maps.

Detailed MODS data is available in the MS-Access database for all of insular Newfoundland and most of Labrador (see index maps below). Abbreviated mineral occurrence data is available in GIS format (Arcview and Mapinfo) on the Geoscience Atlas of Newfoundland and the Geoscience Atlas of Labrador CD-ROMS.

MODS data are mainly delivered to clients via the Geological Survey's web site. The digital database can be searched independently using the Online Query Form or in conjunction with other geo-referenced databases by using GeoScience OnLine.

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