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  1. Knight, I. - Geological mapping of parts of the Eddies Cove, Salmon River and adjacent map areas
  2. Knight, I. and Saltman, P. - Platformal rocks and geology of the Roddickton map area, Great Northern Peninsula
  3. Hyde, R.S. and Ware, M.J. - Geology of Carboniferous strata in the Cormack (12H/6) and Silver Mountain (12H/11) map areas
  4. Kean, B.F. and Jayasinghe, N.R. - Badger map area (12A/16), Newfoundland
  5. Colman-Sadd, S.P. - Geology of parts of the Burnt Hill map area (2D/5), Newfoundland
  6. Elias, P. - Granite geochemistry project−Bay d'Espoir area
  7. Blackwood, R.F. - Geology of the Gander (west) area (2D/15), Newfoundland
  8. Chorlton, L. - Peter Snout, west half
  9. Chorlton, L. - Grandy's Lake, west half
  10. Hibbard, J., Muggridge, W. and Gagnon, J. - The southern portion of the Fleur de Lys belt on the Baie Verte Peninsula (12H/15E, 12H/10E, 12H/9W, 12H/7N)
  11. Smyth, W.R. - Reconnaissance geology of the White Bear River (11P/14) and Dolland Brook (11P/15) map areas
  12. Higgins, N.C. and Smyth, W.R. - Geology of the Grey River area−regional summary
  13. Swinden, S. - Economic geology of the eastern Hermitage Flexure
  14. Dickson, W.L., Elias, P. and Talkington, R.W. - Geology and geochemistry of the Ackley Granite, southeast Newfoundland
  15. O'Brien, S.J. and Nunn, G.A.G. - Terrenceville (1M/10) and Gisborne Lake (1M/15) map area, Newfoundland
  16. Stouge, S. - Lower and Middle Ordovician conodonts from central Newfoundland and their correlatives in western Newfoundland
  17. Geochronology Report - Newfoundland and Labrador
  18. Ryan, B. - Preliminary reconnaissance study of the northern Grenville Province, Naskaupi River area, Labrador
  19. Bailey, D.G. - Geology of the Double Mer−Lake Melville area, Labrador
  20. Doherty, A. - Geology of the Adlavik Islands
  21. Thomas, A. and Hibbs, D. - Geology of the southwest margin of the Central Mineral Belt
  22. Calon, T.J. and Hibbs, D.C. - Structure of an area along the boundary of the Letitia Lake Group and Seal Lake Group, central Labrador
  23. Gower, C.F. - Geology of the Benedict Mountains and surrounding areas (13JE and 13I), Labrador
  24. Wardle, R.J. - Central Labrador Trough project
  25. Ware, M.J. - Tamarack River Formation−Menihek Lake area, western Labrador
  26. Rivers, T. - Geological mapping in the Evening Lake−Wightman Lake area, western Labrador
  27. Rivers, T. - Geological mapping in the Wabush Lake area, southwestern Labrador
  28. Rivers, T. - Revised nomenclature for Aphebian and other rocks, southern Labrador Trough, Grenville Province
  29. Noel, N. and Rivers, T. - Geological mapping the McKay River−Gabbro Lake area, western Labrador
  30. Hill, J.D. - Continued geological mapping in the Davis Inlet−Mistastin Lake corridor, Labrador
  31. Butler, A.J. - Lake sediment geology, Lloyd's River area, southwest Newfoundland
  32. McConnell, J. - Geochemical and geophysical follow-up studies in Labrador
  33. Watson, D. - Evaluation of labradorite gemstone potential of the Nain area, Labrador
  34. McArthur, G. and Collins, C. - Drill core storage program
  35. Kirby, F., Ricketts, R. and Vanderveer, D.G. - Inventory of aggregate resources
  36. Sparkes, B.G. and Vanderveer, D.G. - Badger−Grand Falls area, surficial and glacial mapping

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