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Current Research 1983

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  1. I. Knight - Geology of Cambro-Ordovician rocks in parts of the Castors River, St. John Island and Port Saunders map sheets
  2. W.D. Boyce - Preliminary Ordovician trilobite biostratigraphy of the Eddies Cove West−Port au Choix area, western Newfoundland
  3. S.P. Colman-Sadd - Geology of the east half of the Cold Spring Pond map area (12A/1), Newfoundland
  4. R.F. Blackwood - Geology of the Facheux Bay (11P/9) map area, Newfoundland
  5. J. Hibbard - Notes on the metamorphic rocks in the Corner Brook area (12A/13) and regional correlation of the Fleur de Lys Belt, western Newfoundland
  6. W.L. Dickson and S.L. Tomlin - Geology of the D'Espoir Brook map area (11P/16) and part of the Facheux Bay map area (11P/9), south-central Newfoundland
  7. S.J. O'Brien - Geology of the eastern half of the Peter Snout map area (11P/13E), Newfoundland
  8. R.J. Wardle - Nain-Churchill Province cross-section, Nachvak Fiord, northern Labrador
  9. A.B. Ryan, Y. Martineau, D. Bridgwater, L. Schiotte and J. Lewry - The Archean-Proterozoic boundary in the Saglek Fiord area, Labrador−Report I
  10. A. Thomas and D. Wood - Geology of the Winokapau Lake area, Grenville Province, central Labrador
  11. G.A.G. Nunn and A. Christopher - Geology of the Attikonak River area, Grenville Province, western Labrador
  12. P. Erdmer - Preliminary report on the geology north of Upper Lake Melville, Labrador
  13. P.H. Davenport and A.J. Butler - Regional geochemical surveys
  14. J.W. McConnell - Soil, stream and rock geochemical surveys of three Newfoundland granitoids
  15. H. Missan - Computer unit
  16. H.A. Wagenbauer, C.A. Riley and G. Dawe - Geochemical laboratory
  17. P.L. Dean and J.R. Meyer - Mineral potential of clastic sedimentary basins in Newfoundland
  18. A.F. Howse and V. French - Barite evaluation−eastern and western Newfoundland
  19. B.F. Kean - Geology and mineral deposits of the Lush's Bight Group in the Little Bay Head−Halls Bay Head area
  20. C.M. Saunders - The Betts Cove sulphide deposit
  21. C.F. O'Driscoll - Mineral occurrences data system
  22. D.G. Vanderveer - Surficial and glacial geology reconnaissance survey of part of the Great Gull Pond map area (12H/1), Newfoundland
  23. B.G. Sparkes - Surficial and glacial mapping of the Buchans map area (12A/15), Newfoundland
  24. F. Kirby - Detailed aggregate assessment project−insular Newfoundland
  25. M.G. Ricketts and D. Bragg - Inventory of aggregate resources program
  26. M.J. Batterson - Surficial and glacial geology of the Waterford River Basin, St. John's, Newfoundland: a Summary
  27. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core storage program, 1982
  28. N.L. Mercer and R. Soper - Geofiles−microfiche project
  29. C. Patey - Geoscan−the national database for geological information: 'The Newfoundland Contribution'
  30. P.W. Stewart - Granitoid clasts in boulder breccias of MacLean Extension Orebody, Buchans, Newfoundland
  31. W.P. Binney, J.G. Thurlow and E.A. Swanson - The MacLean Extension Orebody, Buchans, Newfoundland
  32. R.A. Klassen - A Preliminary report on drift prospecting studies in Labrador

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