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Current Research 1984

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  1. R.J. Wardle - Nain−Churchill Province cross-section: Riviere Baudancourt−Nachvak Lake
  2. A.B. Ryan, Y. Martineau, J. Korstgaard and D. Lee - The Archean−Proterozoic boundary in northern Labrador, Report 2
  3. F.C. Mengel - Preliminary results of mapping in the Ramah Group and adjacent gneisses south of Saglek Fiord, northern Labrador
  4. G.A.G. Nunn, N. Noel and N.G. Culshaw - Geology of the Atikonak Lake area, Grenville Province, western Labrador
  5. A. Thomas, N. Culshaw, G. Mannard and J.G. Whelan - Geology of the Lac Ghyvelde−Lac Long area, Labrador and Quebec
  6. R.J. Wardle and C. Ash - Geology of the North West River area
  7. Charles F. Gower - Geology of the Double Mer White Hills and surrounding region, Grenville Province, eastern Labrador
  8. Charles F. Gower and Philippe Erdmer - The mineral potential of paragneiss in the Grenville Province in eastern Labrador
  9. M.J. Ricketts and D.J. Bragg - Coastal Labrador aggregate resource project
  10. R.A. Klassen - A preliminary report on drift prospecting studies in Labrador: Part II
  11. J.W. McConnell, D.G. Vanderveer, M.J. Batterson and P.H. Davenport - Geochemical orientation studies and Quaternary mapping around the Strange Lake deposit, northern Labrador
  12. Philippe Erdmer - Summary of field work in the northern Long Range Mountains, western Newfoundland
  13. Ian Knight and W. Douglas Boyce - Geological mapping of the Port Saunders (12I/11) and the St. John Island (12I/14) and parts of the Torrent River (12I/10) and Bellburns (12I/16) map sheets, northwestern Newfoundland
  14. Douglas W. Haywick and Noel P. James - Dolomites and dolomitization of the St. George Group (Lower Ordovician) of western Newfoundland
  15. Thomas E. Lane - Preliminary classification of carbonate breccias, Newfoundland zinc mines, Daniel's Harbour, Newfoundland
  16. B.F. Kean - Geology and mineral deposits of the Lushs Bight Group, Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland
  17. H. Scott Swinden - Geologic setting and volcanogenic sulfide mineralization of the eastern Wild Bight Group, north-central Newfoundland
  18. B.G. Sparkes - Surficial and glacial mapping of the east half of the Great Gull Pond map area (12H/1), Newfoundland
  19. W.P. Binney - Estimation of physical parameters of MacLean Channel, sulfide-bearing debris flows, Buchans, Newfoundland
  20. Peter W. Stewart - Geochemistry of granitoid clasts from MacLean Extension orebody, Buchans, Newfoundland, and implications on their possible source
  21. D.F. Strong - Rare earth elements in volcanic rocks of the Buchans area, Newfoundland
  22. P.G. Killeen, A.V. Dyck, C.J. Mwenifumbo and A.K. Sinha - Geophysical measurements at Buchans
  23. J.L. Jambor - Preliminary report on the mineralogy of the Tulks massive sulfide deposit, Buchans area, Newfoundland
  24. J. Wayne Pickett and David M. Barbour - Geology of the Skidder Prospect, Buchans, Newfoundland
  25. R. Frank Blackwood - Geology of the west half of the Dolland Brook map area (11P/15), southern Newfoundland
  26. S.P. Colman-Sadd - Geology of the Cold Spring Pond map area (west part) 12A/1, Newfoundland
  27. S.J. O'Brien and S. Tomlin - Geology of the White Bear River map area (11P/14), southern Newfoundland
  28. W.L. Dickson and P.W. Delaney - Geology of the Wolf Mountain (east half) and Dolland Brook (east half) map areas, south-central Newfoundland
  29. John McConnell - Geochemical surveys over three tungsten anomalies in the North Bay Batholith, southern Newfoundland
  30. J. Tuach - Metallogenic studies of granite-associated mineralization in the Ackley Granite and the Cross Hills plutonic complex, Fortune Bay area, Newfoundland
  31. H.G. Miller - Ackley batholith gravity survey
  32. P.H. Davenport, J. Tuach and W.L. Dickson - Computer-aided analysis of lithogeochemical data from Newfoundland granites and its role in mineral exploration
  33. A.F. Howse and C.J. Collins - Barite evaluation in three areas of southeastern Newfoundland
  34. A.J. Butler and P.H. Davenport - Geochemical follow-up studies in eastern Newfoundland
  35. A.J. Butler, H.G. Miller and D.G. Vanderveer - Geoscience studies in the Weir's Pond area northeast of Gander, Newfoundland
  36. James Hibbard - A new provisional geological map of the island of Newfoundland
  37. P.L. Dean and J.R. Meyer - Mineral potential of clastic sedimentary basins in Newfoundland
  38. F.T. Kirby - Detailed aggregate assessment project, insular Newfoundland
  39. J. Atkinson - Aggregate resources inventory system
  40. H. Missan - The development of micro-computer programs for use by geoscientists in the Mineral Development Division
  41. Catherine Patey - GEOSCAN−the national database for geological information: The Newfoundland Contribution
  42. N.L. Mercer - Geofiles−microfiche project
  43. C.F. O'Driscoll - Mineral occurrence data system
  44. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core storage program, 1983
  45. H.A. Wagenbauer - Project report of the geochemical laboratory for 1983

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