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Current Research 1986

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  1. J.R. Meyer and P.L. Dean - Industrial Minerals in Labrador
  2. R.R. Miller - Letitia Lake Project: Progress Report
  3. R.R. Miller - Geology of the Strange Lake Alkalic Complex and the Associated Zr-Y-Nb-Be-REE Mineralization
  4. A.F. Howse - Marble Assessment−Insular Newfoundland
  5. J. Tuach - Metallogeny of Newfoundland Granites−Studies in the Western White Bay Area and on the Southwest Coast
  6. J. Tuach and V.A. French - Gold Mineralization of Possible Late Precambrian Age in the Jackson's Arm Area (12H/15), White Bay, Newfoundland
  7. B.F. Kean and D.T.W. Evans - Metallogeny of the Tulks Hill Volcanics, Victoria Lake Group, Central Newfoundland
  8. D.T.W. Evans and B.F. Kean - Geology of the Jacks Pond Volcanogenic Sulfide Prospects, Victoria Lake Group, Central Newfoundland
  9. Allan Huard and Cyril O'Driscoll - Epithermal Gold Mineralization in Late Precambrian Volcanic Rocks on the Burin Peninsula
  10. B. Ryan and D. Lee - Gneiss-Anorthosite-Granite Relationships in the Anaktalik Brook-Kogaluk River Area (NTS 14D/1, 8) Labrador
  11. Andrew Kerr - Plutonic Rocks of the Eastern Central Mineral Belt, Labrador: General Geology and Description of Regional Granitoid Units
  12. Charles F. Gower, Timothy Van Nostrand, Gordon McRoberts, Loretta Crisby and Stephen Prevec - Geology of the Sand Hill River−Batteau Map Region, Grenville Province, Eastern Labrador
  13. R.J. Wardle and C. Ash - Geology of the Goose Bay−Goose River Area
  14. G.A.G. Nunn, R.F. Emslie, C.E. Lefebvre, N. Noel, and S. Wells - The Atikonak River Massif and Surrounding Area, Western Labrador and Quebec
  15. Ian Knight - Ordovician Sedimentary Strata of the Pistolet Bay and Hare Bay Area, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland
  16. W.D. Boyce - Ordovician Biostratigraphic Investigations, Great Northern Peninsula, Western Newfoundland
  17. W.D. Boyce - Biostratigraphic and Paleoenvironmental Significance of Palaeoniscid Fish and Vascular Plant Remains from the Snakes Bight Formation (Anguille Group), Codroy Area, Southwestern Newfoundland
  18. J.W. Botsford - Aspects of Stratigraphy and Shale Geochemistry in Sedimentary Rocks of the Humber Arm Group
  19. Svend Stouge - Conodont Color Variation in the Lower/Middle Ordovician Strata of Western Newfoundland
  20. Stephen Colman-Sadd - Geology of the East Part of the Snowshoe Pond (12A/7) Area
  21. S.J. O'Brien, W.L. Dickson and R.F. Blackwood - Geology of the Central Portion of the Hermitage Flexure Area, Newfoundland
  22. Arthur F. King - Geology of the St. John's Area, Newfoundland
  23. John McConnell - Exploration Geochemical Studies of Labrador Granitoids
  24. James Butler - Geochemical Follow-up Surveys, Labrador Trough
  25. Andrew Kerr and Peter Davenport - Regional Geochemical Patterns in the Eastern Central Mineral Belt of Labrador
  26. Joan Tod - VLF-EM Investigations in Insular Newfoundland
  27. Hugh G. Miller - Gravity Surveys in Insular Newfoundland, 1985
  28. Martin Batterson and Paul LeGrow - Quaternary Exploration and Surficial Mapping in the Letitia Lake Area, Labrador
  29. D.G. Vanderveer - Quaternary Mapping/Drift Prospecting, Moran Heights, Labrador
  30. M. Mihychuk - Quaternary Mapping and Exploration in the Bellburns Map Area (12I/5 and 6) and Trapper Prospect Areas
  31. Byron G. Sparkes and Sigrid M. Neuland - Surficial and Glacial Mapping−Peter Snout (11P/13) and King George IV Lake (12A/4) Map Areas, Southwestern Newfoundland
  32. Fred Kirby - Detailed Aggregate Assessment Project−Insular Newfoundland
  33. M.J. Ricketts - Detailed Aggregate Mapping Related to Concrete Platform Construction
  34. Dan Bragg - Reconnaissance Study of Bedrock Aggregate Potential for Offshore and Industrial Use
  35. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core storage program, 1985
  36. C.F. O'Driscoll - Newfoundland Mineral Occurrence Data System
  37. N.L. Mercer - Mineral Assessment Report Library−Microfiche Project
  38. Catherine Patey - GEOSCAN−The National Database for Geological Information: The Newfoundland Contribution
  39. H.A. Wagenbauer - Report of the Geochemical Laboratory for 1985
  40. Harjit Missan - Activities of the Computer Unit
  41. R.A. Klassen and A.M. Bolduc - Ice Flow Trends and Drift Composition, Flowers River Area, Labrador
  42. F.J. Thompson and R.A. Klassen - Ice Flow Directions and Drift Composition, Central Labrador
  43. S. Dunsworth, T. Calon and J. Malpas - Structural and Magmatic Controls on the Internal Geometry of the Plutonic Complex and its Chromite Occurrences in the Bay of Islands Ophiolite, Newfoundland
  44. J.V. Owen - Geology of the Silver Mountain Area, Western Newfoundland
  45. C.M. Saunders and D.F. Strong - Assessment of Lead-Zinc Deposits of the Western Newfoundland Carbonate Platform
  46. D.F. Strong and C.M. Saunders - Geological Setting of Sulphide Mineralization at Tilt Cove, Newfoundland
  47. H.S. Swinden and R.E. Sacks - Stratigraphy and Economic Geology of the Southern Part of the Roberts Arm Group, Central Newfoundland
  48. E.J. Zwicker and D.F. Strong - The Great Bend Ophiolite, Eastern Newfoundland: Field Investigations

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