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Current Research 1987

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  1. Martin Batterson, Sharon Scott and Angus Simpson - Quaternary mapping and drift exploration in the eastern part of the Central mineral Belt, Labrador
  2. David N. Proudfoot and Lloyd St. Croix - Quaternary geology of the Bellburns (12I/5 and 6) map area
  3. Byron G. Sparkes - Quaternary mapping−La Poile (11O/9) and La Poile River (11O/16) map areas, southwestern Newfoundland
  4. D.G. Vanderveer and D.M. Taylor - Quaternary mapping−glacial dispersal studies, Sops Arm Area, Newfoundland
  5. D.G. Vanderveer and D.M. Taylor - Quaternary mapping in the Gander River area, Newfoundland
  6. Dan Bragg - Quaternary commodities−diatomaceous earth
  7. F.T. Kirby - Detailed aggregate-resource assessments−Newfoundland and Labrador
  8. M.J. Ricketts - Wild Cove clay, western Newfoundland: a review and recent work
  9. M.J. Ricketts - Silica-rich sands, western Newfoundland
  10. J.R. Meyer and P.L. Dean - Silica in western Labrador
  11. J.R. Meyer and P.L. Dean - Dimension-stone potential in the Nain anorthosite
  12. R.R. Miller - The relationship between Mann-type Nb−Be mineralization and felsic peralkaline intrusives, Letitia Lake project, Labrador
  13. D.N. Reusch and C.F. O'Driscoll - Geological and metallogenic investigations in the western belt of the Love Cove Group (NTS 2D/1,2,8), Avalon Zone, Newfoundland
  14. D.T.W. Evans and B.F. Kean - Gold and massive sulfide mineralization in the Tulks Hill volcanics, Victoria Lake Group, central Newfoundland
  15. J. Tuach and P.W. Delaney - Tungsten−molybdenum in the Granite Lake−Meelpaeg Lake area, Newfoundland
  16. John Tuach - Mineralized environments, metallogenesis, and the Doucers Valley fault complex, Western White Bay: a philosophy for gold exploration in Newfoundland
  17. A.F. Howse - Marble assessment in the Roddickton area of the Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland
  18. F.J. Weaver and S.A. Macko - Source rocks for western Newfoundland hydrocarbons
  19. B. Ryan, D. Lee and L. Corriveau - Geology of the eastern Churchill Province between Anaktalik Brook and Cabot Lake (NTS 14D/2, 6, 7), Labrador
  20. Andrew Kerr - Plutonic rocks of the eastern Central Mineral Belt: lithogeochemical patterns and identification of potential specialized granitoids
  21. Charles F. Gower, Sigrid Neuland, Mark Newman and John Smyth - Geology of the Port Hope Simpson map region, Grenville Province, eastern Labrador
  22. R.J. Wardle and L.V.J. Crisby - Geology of the Traverspine−McKenzie rivers area (13F/1 and F/2)
  23. R.J. Wardle - Platinum-group-element potential in Labrador
  24. J.N. Connelly and P. Scowen - Geology of the Lac Caopacho−Lac Fleur-de-May area, southwestern Labrador
  25. A. Thomas and J. Butler - Gold reconnaissance in the Archean Ashuanipi Complex of western Labrador
  26. Sean J. O'Brien - Geology of the Eastport (west half) map area, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland
  27. Pat O'Neill - Geology of the west half of the Weir's Pond (2E/1) map area
  28. W. Lawson Dickson - Geology of the Mount Sylvester (2D/3) map area, central Newfoundland
  29. Stephen Colman-Sadd - Geology of part of the Snowshoe Pond (12A/7) map area
  30. Brian H. O'Brien - The lithostratigraphy and structure of the Grand Bruit−Cinq cerf area (parts of NTS areas 11O/9 and 11O/16), southwestern Newfoundland
  31. W.D. Boyce - Cambrian - Ordovician trilobite biostratigraphy in central Newfoundland
  32. Ian Knight - Geology of the Roddickton (12I/16) map area
  33. I. Knight and W.D. Boyce - Lower to Middle Cambrian terrigenous - carbonate rocks of Chimney Arm, Canada Bay: lithostratigraphy, preliminary biostratigraphy and regional significance
  34. John McConnell and Stuart Wells - An evaluation of geochemical exploration methods for gold prospecting
  35. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core storage program, 1986
  36. C.F. O'Driscoll, J. Smith and G. Stapleton - Mineral Occurrence Data System
  37. N.L. Mercer - Mineral Assessment Report Library microfiche project
  38. Catherine Patey - Geoscan−the national database for geological information
  39. Richard Dahl and David H. Watkinson - Structural control of podiform chromitite in Bay of Islands Ophiolite, Springer Hill area, Newfoundland
  40. J.T. van Berkel, H.P. Johnston and K.L. Currie - A preliminary report on the geology of the southern Long Range, southwest Newfoundland
  41. Philippe Erdmer - Geology of the Long Range Inlier in Sandy Lake map area, western Newfoundland
  42. J. Victor Owen and Philippe Erdmer - Precambrian and Paleozoic metamorphism in the Long Range Inlier, western Newfoundland
  43. A.M. Bolduc, R.A. Klassen and E.B. Evenson - Cobble lithologies in eskers of central Labrador
  44. R.A. Klassen and F.J. Thompson - Ice flow history and glacial dispersal in the Labrador Trough
  45. J. van Gool, T. Calon and T. Rivers - Preliminary report on the Grenville Front Tectonic Zone, Bruce Lake area, western Labrador
  46. Craig S. MacDougall an Derek H.C. Wilton - Middle Proterozoic granite-related mineralization in the Round Pond area, Labrador
  47. Leonard M. MacKenzie and Derek H.C. Wilton - Uranium, molybdenum and base metal sulphide mineralization: three different styles of ore formation in the Burnt Lake area, central Labrador
  48. H. Scott Swinden - Geology and mineral occurrences in the central and northern parts of the Roberts Arm Group, central Newfoundland
  49. M.A.J. Piasecki - Possible basement-cover relationships in the Fleur de Lys terrane, western Newfoundland
  50. J.T. van Berkel - Geology of the Dashwoods Pond, St. Fintan's and Main Gut map areas, southwest Newfoundland
  51. K.L. Currie - A preliminary account of the geology of Harrys River map area, southern Long Range of Newfoundland
  52. J. Victor Owen, Janet E.M. Campbell and Frank A.R. Dennis - Geology of the Lake Michel area, Long Range Inlier, western Newfoundland
  53. J. Victor Owen and David C. Machin - Petrography and geochemistry of some mafic dykes in the Long Range Inlier, western Newfoundland

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