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Current Research 1989

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  1. Andrew Cadman - The petrogenesis and emplacement of Proterozoic dyke swarms, Part I: initial findings and paths of further research (1.6 MB)
  2. A. Thomas and R.S. Morrison - Geology along the central part of the Ugjoktok River, (NTS 13N/5 and parts of 13M/8 and 13N/6) Labrador (3.7 MB)
  3. Derek H.C. Wilton - Studies in the Seal Lake Group, central Labrador, Part I: description of copper occurrences (2.7 MB)
  4. Derek H.C. WlIton - Studies in the Seal Lake Group, central Labrador, Part II: geochemistry of diabase sills (2.4 MB)
  5. S.P. Colman-Sadd - Miguels Lake Area (2D/12): an update of the geology (1.8 MB)
  6. C.A. Cowan and N.P. James - Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Port Au Port Group (Middle to Upper Cambrian), western Newfoundland: preliminary results (1.7 MB)
  7. Tomasz Dec, Ian Knight and Sean J. O'Brien - Sedimentological studies in the Eastport Basin: notes on the petrography of the Late Precambrian Connecting Point Group and provenance implications (4 MB)
  8. W. Lawson Dickson, Sean J. O'Brien and Jolm P. Hayes - Aspects of the Mid-Paleozoic magmatic history of the south-central Hermitage Flexure area, Newfoundland (3.6 MB)
  9. Brian H. O'Brien - Gold mineralization and igneous activity in relation to synmetamorphie folding, thrusting and wrenching: a general model for the southeastern margin of the Canadian Appalachians (2 MB)
  10. Brian H. O'Brien - Summary of the geology between La Poile Bay and Couteau Bay (110/9 and 110/16), southwestern Newfoundland (3.6 MB)
  11. F.H.C. O'Brien and Z.A. Szybinski - Conodont fuunas from the Catchers Pond and Cutwell groups, central Newfoundland (1.1 MB)
  12. Pat O'Neill and Frank Blackwood - A proposal for revised stratigraphic nomenclature of the Gander and Davidsville groups and the Gander River Ultrabasic Belt, of northeastern Newfoundland (1 MB)
  13. Pat O'Neill and Dan Lux - Tectonothermal history and "Ar/"Ar geochronology of northeastern Gander Zone, Weir's Pond area (2E/I) (2.2 MB)
  14. Zbigniew A. Szyblnski - Geology of the Cutwell Group, Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland: a disrupted volcanic-volcaniclastic island-a rc complex (2 MB)
  15. S. Henry Williams - New graptolite discoveries from the Ordovician of central Newfoundland (2.4 MB)
  16. A.F. Howse - Chemical and physical properties of the Canada Harbour Marble Deposit (1.8 MB)
  17. J.R. Meyer and H.E. Montague - Labradorite occurrences north of Davis Inlet (1 MB)
  18. R.R. Miller - Rare-metal targcts in insular Newfoundland (2.3 MB)
  19. C.M. Saunders and J. Thach - Zr-Nb-Y-REE mineralization in the Cross Hills Plutonic Suite (2.4 MB)
  20. W.A. Sears and C.F. O'Driscoll - Metallogeny of the Connaigre Bay Group, southern Newfoundland (1.8 MB)
  21. H. Scott Swinden, G.A. Jenner, B.F. Kean and D.T.W. Evans - Volcanic rock geochemistry as a guide for massive sulphide exploration in central Newfoundland (4.4 MB)
  22. Dan Bragg - Reconnaissance asscssment of potential bedrock aggregate (1.6 MB)
  23. Margot Emory-Moore and Steve Solomon - Placer gold potential offshore Newfoundland: preliminary assessment (1.8 MB)
  24. David Liverman and Lloyd St. Croix - Quaternary geology of the Baie Verte Peninsula (2.8 MB)
  25. Byron G. Sparkes - Quaternaly geology of southwestern Newfoundland (1.9 MB)
  26. P.H. Davenport and L.W. Nolan - Mapping the regional distribution of gold in Newfoundland using lake sediment geochemistry (1.8 MB)
  27. J.W. McConnell - Lake sediment and water geochemical surveys for rare-metal mineralization in Labrador (2.6 MB)
  28. J. Tod and E.E. Ready - Newfoundland aeromagnetic total-field, gradiometer and VLF-EM survey, 1986/87 (1 MB)
  29. G. Kilfoil - Enhancement and interpretation of regional data sets in central Newfoundland (2.5 MB)
  30. C.F. O'Driscoll, J . Smith, G. Stapleton, D. King and J. Butler - Mineral Occurrence Data System (628 KB)
  31. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program. 1988 (439 KB)
  32. Catherine Patey and Janet Gillespie - GEOSCAN- the national data-base for geological information: the Newfoundland contribution (216 KB)
  33. Terry D. Brace and Derek H.C. Wilton - Preliminary lithological, petrological and geochemical investigations of the Archean Florence Lake Group, central Labrador (182 KB)
  34. R.F. Emslie and P.A. Hunt - The Grenvillian event: magmatism and high grade metamorphism (188 KB)
  35. I.F. Ermanovics, M. Van Kranendonk, L. Corriveau, F. Mengel, D. Bridgwater and R. Sherlock - The boundary zone of the Nain - Churchill provinces in the North River- Nutak map areas, Labrador (213 KB)
  36. Jon M. Findlay, Tony D. Fowler and Tyson C. Birkett - Wakuach gabbro sills of the Howse Lake area, western Labrador (202 KB)
  37. Karen A. Hudson and H. Scott Swlnden - Geology and petrology of the Handcamp gold prospect, Robert's Arm Group. Newfoundland (207 KB)
  38. J. Tod and E.E. Ready - Aeromagnetic totBI-field . gradiometer. and VLF-EM survey of part of the Dunnage Zone, central Newfoundland (192 KB)
  39. Harold Williams, W. Lawson Dickson, R.L. Currie, John P. Hayes and J. Tuach - Preliminary report on a classification of Newfoundland granitic rocks and their relations to tectonostratigraphic zones and lower crustal blocks (242 KB)
  40. Harold Williams, M.A.J, Piasecki and S.P. Colmall-Sadd - Tectonic relationships along Ole proposed central Newfoundland Lithoprobe transect and regional correlations (140 KB)

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