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Current Research 1990

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  1. Martin J. Batterson and David M. Taylor - Glacial history of the Humber River Basin (1.5 MB)
  2. Dan Bragg - Reconnaissance assessment of bedrock aggregate in central Newfoundland (1.1 MB)
  3. Dan Bragg, Lawson Dickson and Lloyd SI. Croix - A preliminary assessment of the south coast of Newfoundland as an area having potential for bedrock aggregate exports (1.4 MB)
  4. F.J. Kirby - Detailed aggregate-resource assessment project, Newfoundland and Labrador (2 MB)
  5. David Liverman and Sharon Scott - Quaternary geology of the King's Point map sheet (NTS 12H/9) (3.1 MB)
  6. David Liverman and David Taylor - Surficial geology map of insular Newfoundland (2.7 MB)
  7. D.N. Proudfoot, S. Scott, L.St. Croix and D.M. Taylor - Quaternary geology of the Burnt Hill (NTS 2D/5) - Great Gull Lake (NTS 2D/6) map area in southeast-central Newfoundland (4 MB)
  8. M.J. Ricketts and J. McGrath - Granular aggregate resource mapping of the Gander Lake (NTS 2D/15), Gander River (NTS 2EI2) and Comfort Cove-Newstead (NTS 2E/7) map areas (2.7 MB)
  9. S.M. Solomon, S. Swinden, M. Emory-Moore and D.N. Proudfoot - Spatial analysis in marine placer exploration: preliminary results from St. George's and Port au Port Bays, Newfoundland (1.4 MB)
  10. Lloyd St. Croix and David M. Taylor - Ice flow in north-central Newfoundland (857 KB)
  11. Sheila Vardy - The palynological and geochemical stratigraphy of lake sediments, south-central Newfoundland (1 MB)
  12. Peter H. Davenport - Techniques to determine the quality of geochemical data: examples from regional lake sediment geochemical surveys in Newfoundland (2.5 MB)
  13. G. Kilfoil - From analog aeromagnetic contour maps to enhanced contour images: getting the most from an existing potential dataset (1.7 MB)
  14. John W. McConnell and Pauline Honarvar - Optimizing geochemical soil surveys for gold mineralization in Newfoundland (2.8 MB)
  15. Larry Nolan - UNISTAT: statistical and graphics package for geochemists (458 KB)
  16. D.T.W. Evans, B.F. Kean and G.R. Dunning - Geological studies, Victoria Lake Group, central Newfoundland (2.9 MB)
  17. John P. Hayes and Cyril F. O'Driscoll - Regional geological setting and alteration within the eastern Avalon high-alumina belt, Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland (2.9 MB)
  18. Ambrose Howse - Gypsum assessment in the Carboniferous Bay St. George Subbasin (1 MB)
  19. J. Meyer - Graphite, muscovite and heavy-mineral sands exploration in Labrador (1.5 MB)
  20. Randy Miller - The Strange Lake pegmatite- aplite-hosted rare-metal deposit, Labrador (3.1 MB)
  21. C.M. Saunders and W.R. Smyth - Geochemical characteristics of the Gull Lake intrusive suite, and Devils Room Granite, western White Bay, Newfoundland (3.4 MB)
  22. Scott Swinden, Derek McBride and Benoit Dubé - Preliminary geological and mineralogical notes on the Nugget Pond gold deposit, Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland (3.6 MB)
  23. R. James Weick, Mark Wilson and S. Swinden - Mineralization and alteration study of the Main orebody, Consolidated Rambler Mines, Baie Verte, Newfoundland (2 MB)
  24. D. Bridgwater, F. Mengel, L. Schiøtte and J. Winter - Research on the Archean rocks of northern Labrador: progress report 1989 (2.9 MB)
  25. Andrew Kerr and Tom Krogh - The Trans-Labrador granitoid belt in the Makkovik Province: new geochronological and isotopic data and their geological implications (3.3 MB)
  26. A. Thomas and P. Blomberg - Geology of Grenville Province crystalline rocks in the region between Wilson and Winokapau lakes (NTS 13E/1, 13E/2, 13E/7 and 13E/8), south-central Labrador (3.5 MB)
  27. R.J. Wardle, L.V.J. Crisby-Whittle and P. Blomberg - Geology of the Minipi River area (NTS 13C/NW) (3 MB)
  28. W.D. Boyce - Computer-aided restoration/reconstruction of trilobites (CARROT) (1 MB)
  29. Tomasz Dec - The use of detrital clinopyroxene geochemistry for testing and constraining provenance of the Late Precambrian Connecting Point Group, Avalon Zone: II progress report (1.6 MB)
  30. Tomasz Dec and Steve Colman-Sadd - Timing of ophiolite emplacement onto the Gander Zone: evidence from provenance studies in the Mount Cormack Subzone (3.8 MB)
  31. B.H. O'Brien and S.J. O'Brien - Re-investigation and re-interpretation of the Silurian La Poile Group of southwestern Newfoundland (3.5 MB)
  32. Patrick P. O' Neill - Geology of the northeast Gander Lake map area (NTS 2D/15) and the northwest Gambo map area (NTS 2D/16) (2.8 MB)
  33. M.A.J. Piasecki, Harold Williams and S.P. Colman-Sadd - Tectonic relationships along the Meelpaeg, Burgeo and Burlington lithoprobe transects in Newfoundland (3.7 MB)
  34. C.F. O'Driscoll, J. Smith, G. Stapleton and D. King - Mineral Occurrence Data System (555 KB)
  35. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program, 1989 (402 KB)
  36. Catherine Patey and Janet Gillespie - Geoscan- the national database for geological information: the Newfoundland contribution (236 KB)

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