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  1. M.J. Batterson and S.V. Vatcher - Quaternary geology of the Corner Brook-Pasadena area (NTS sheets 12A/l3 and 12H/4) (3 MB)
  2. D. Bragg - Bedrock-aggregate assessment of the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland (798 KB)
  3. D. Bragg and C.F. O'Driscoll - Bedrock-aggregate potential of the Great Mosquito Cove area, Bull Ann (1.1 MB)
  4. N.R. Catto - Quaternary geological mapping, southwestern Avalon Peninsula (1.2 MB)
  5. D. Liverman and H. Vatcher - Surficial geology of the Schefferville area (Labrador parts of NTS 23J/1O and 23J/15 (2.8 MB)
  6. M.J. Ricketts and T. Christopher - Granular aggregate-resource mapping of the Grand Falls (NTS 2D/13) and Mount Peyton (NTS 2D/14) map areas (2.8 MB)
  7. L. St. Croix and D. Taylor - Ice flow in west-central Newfoundland (935 KB)
  8. W.D. Boyce, J,W. Botsford and J.S. Ash - Preliminary trilobite biostratigraphy of the Cooks Brook formation (Northern Head Group), Humber Arm Allochthon, Bay of Islands, western Newfoundland (3.3 MB)
  9. W.D. Boyce, I. Knight and J.S. Ash - The Weasel group, Goose Arm area, western Newfoundland: lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, correlation and implications (3.7 MB)
  10. T. Dec, H.S. Swinden and J.D. Floyd - Sedimentological, geochemical and sediment provenance constraints on stratigraphy and depositional setting of the Strong Island Chert (Exploits Subzone, Notre Dame Bay) (2.8 MB)
  11. W.L. Dickson - Ophiolites, sedimentary rocks, posttectonic intrusions and mineralization in the Eastern Pond (NTS 2D/11W) map area, central Newfoundland (6.4 MB)
  12. B.J. Fryer, A. Kerr, G.A. Jenner and F.J. Longstaffe - Probing the crust with plutons: regional isotopic geochemistry of granitoid intrusions across insular Newfoundland (5.8 MB)
  13. I. Knight - Geology of marmorizcd, lower Paleozoic, platformal carbonate rocks, 'Pye's Ridge', Deer Lake (4.3 MB)
  14. B.H. O'Brien - Internal and external relationships of the South Lake Igneous Complex, northcentral Newfoundland (NTS 2E/5,6): Ordovician and later tectonism in the Exploits Subzone (3.2 MB)
  15. S.J. O'Brien and R.E. Holdsworth - Geological development of the Avalon Zone, the easternmost Gander Zone, and the ductile Dover Fault in the Glovertown (NTS 20/9, east halt) map area, eastern Newfoundland (3.8 MB)
  16. S.J. O' Brien, C.F. O'Driscoll and R.D. Tucker - A reinterpretation of the geology of parts of the Hermitage Peninsula, southwestern Avalon Zone, Newfoundland (2.7 MB)
  17. P. O'Neill - Geology of the northwestern part of the Glovertown map area (NTS 2D/9) and the northeastern part of the Dead Wolf Pond map area (NTS 2D/10) (2 MB)
  18. S.H. Williams, B.H. O'Brien, S.P. Colman-Sadd and F.H.C. O'Brien - Dunnage Zone graptolites: an extension of the age range and distribution of certain Ordovician formations of the Exploits Subzone (1.9 MB)
  19. R.A. Churchill and D.T.W. Evans - Geology and gold mineralization of the Duder Lake gold showings, eastern Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland (2.5 MB)
  20. M. Emory-Moore and J . Meyer - Geology of the Porcupine Strand beach placers, eastern Labrador (2.1 MB)
  21. D.T.W. Evans - Gold metallogeny of the eastern Dunnage Zone, central Newfoundland (3.4 MB)
  22. A.F. Howse - The Port aux Basques Complex: a potential source of high-aluminum refractory minerals of the sillimanite group (kyanite, sillimanite, andalusite) and industrial garnet (1.7 MB)
  23. R.R. Miller - Preliminary report of the stratigraphy and mineralization of the Nuiklavik volcanic rocks of the Flowers River Igneous Suite (2.1 MB)
  24. C.M. Saunders - Volcanic metallogenic database (1.5 MB)
  25. H.S. Swinden and G.A. Jenner - Volcanic stratigraphy northwest of New Bay Pond, central Newfoundland, and the strike- extent of the Point Leamington massive sulphide horizon (3.4 MB)
  26. P.H. Davenport, T.K. Christopher, S. Vardy and L.W. Nolan - Geochemical mapping in Newfoundland and Labrador: its role in establishing geochemical baselines for the measurement of environmental change (3.8 MB)
  27. C. Finch, G. Hall and J. McConnell - The development and application of geochemical analyses of water (2.3 MB)
  28. G.J. Kilfoil and P. Honarvar - Reclaiming geophysical data from mineral-assessment reports (2.8 MB)
  29. G. Kilfoil and L. Nolan - Some useful mapping utilities for geoscientific data using a personal computer (2.8 MB)
  30. C.F. Gower - The relevance of Baltic Shield metallogeny to mineral exploration in Labrador (8.7 MB)
  31. D.T. James and D.M. Stephenson - Geology of the southern part of the Archean Ashuanipi Complex, Shabogamo Lake map sheet (NTS 23G), western Labrador (3/8 MB)
  32. B. Ryan - Nain area geology: observations on selected islands, and the area south of Nain Bay (NTS 14C/6, 14; 14D/9) (5.6 MB)
  33. T. van Nostrand, D. Dunphy and D. Eddy - Geology of the Alexis River map region, Grenville Province, southeastern Labrador (4.3 MB)
  34. R.J. Wardle, M.J. Van Kranendonk, F. Mengel and D. Scott - Geological mapping in the Torngat Orogen, northernmost Labrador: preliminary results (4.9 MB)
  35. D.H.C. Wilton and D. Phillips - Preliminary report on examination of sulphide-rich zones within the Proterozoic Snyder Group, Labrador, and the sedex potential of these units (2.2 MB)
  36. N. Gover - Newfoundland computerizes its claims- recording office (1.1 MB)
  37. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program, 1991 (834 KB)
  38. C. Patey and J. Gillespie - GEOSCAN- the national database for geological information: the Newfoundland contribution (282 KB)
  39. G. Stapleton, C.F. O'Driscoll , W.K. Parsons, J. Smith and D. King - Mineral occurrence data system (1 MB)
  40. Jerry L. Burgess, Michael Brown and Cees R. van Staal - Preliminary report on the metamorphic geology of the Port aux Basques Complex, southwestern Newfoundland (194 KB)
  41. K.L. Currie - A new look at Gander-Dunnage relations in the Carmanville map area, Newfoundland (166 KB)
  42. B. Dubé, K. Lauzlère and D. Gaboury - Preliminary report on the structural control of the Rendell-Jackman gold deposit, Springdale Peninsula, Newfoundland (205 KB)
  43. B. Dubé, K. Lauzière and A. Tremblay - Structural geology of a crustal scale fault zone: the Cape Ray Fault coastal section, southwestern Newfoundland (203 KB)
  44. Kimberley A. Jenner and John Shaw - Inner shelf Quaternary sediments off northeast Newfoundland (148 KB)
  45. Donna Kirkwood and Benoit Dubé - Structural control of sill-hosted gold mineralization: the Stog'er Tight gold deposit, Baie Verte Peninsula, northwestern Newfoundland (206 KB)
  46. R.A. Klassen and P.J. Henderson - Quaternary geological studies, Buchans area of central Newfoundland (214 KB)
  47. G. Pe-Piper - Geochemistry of late Proterozoic plutonic rocks from Flemish Cap, east of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland (134 KB)
  48. Frank Santaguida, Mark Hannington and Craig Jowett - An alteration and sulphur isotope study of the Pilley's Island massive sulphidcs, central Newfoundland (204 KB)
  49. C.R. van Staal, J.A. Winchester, M. Brown and J. L. Burgess - A reconnaissance geotraverse through southwestern Newfoundland (172 KB)
  50. Harold Williams - Melanges and coticule occurrences in the northeast Exploits Subzone, Newfoundland (1.9 MB)

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