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  1. A. Cadman, D. Harris and B. Ryan - An investigation of some metamorphosed mafic dykes of the Nain area. Labrador: Part I (4.2 MB)
  2. C.F. Gower, T. van Nostrand, V. Peckham and J. Anderson - Geology of the Upper St. Lewis River map region, southeast Labrador (5.1 MB)
  3. D.T. James, D.H. Johnston and L. Crisby-Whittle - Geology of the Eastern Churchill Province in the Smallwood Reservoir area. western Labrador (4.1 MB)
  4. D.T. James and K.L. Mahoney - Geology of the Archean Ashuanipi Complex, west of Labrador City, Labrador (2.3 MB)
  5. B. Ryan - Further results of mapping gneissic and plutonic rocks of the Nain area. Labrador (4.5 MB)
  6. R.J. Wardle, M.J. Van Kranendonk, F. Mengel, D. Scott, S. Schwarz, B. Ryan and D. Bridgwater - Geological mapping in the Torngat Orogen. northernmost Labrador: Report 2 (3.8 MB)
  7. D.H.C. Wilton, R.A. Churchill and J .K. Saunders - Stratigraphy and metallogeny of the Cod Island and Calm Cove formations, Mugford Group, northern Labrador (2.9 MB)
  8. M. Batterson and B. McGrath - Quaternary geology of the Deer Lake and Pasadena map areas (NTS 12H/3 and 12H/4) (2.7 MB)
  9. D. Bragg - Alkali-aggregate reactivity in Newfoundland: field and laboratory investigations (3 MB)
  10. D. Liverman and H. Vatcher - Surficial geology of the Cavers and Hollinger lake areas (NTS 23J/9 and 16), Labrador (3.1 MB)
  11. C. MacKenzie and N.R. Catto - Quaternary geology of the Botwood (NTS 2E/3) map area (2.3 MB)
  12. M. Munro and N. Catto - Quaternary geology of the Carmanville map area (NTS 2E/8) (2.8 MB)
  13. M.J. Ricketts and A.F. House - Granular aggregate-resource mapping of the west and northern tip of the Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland (3.6 MB)
  14. D.M. Taylor and S. Vatcher - Late Wisconsinan deglacial ice-flow patterns in west-central Newfoundland (1.1 MB)
  15. W.D. Boyce, J.S. Ash and S.P. Colman-Sadd - Trilobite-based age determination of the Riches Island Formation (Baie d'Espoir Group) in the St. Alban's map area (NTS 1M/l3), central Newfoundland (1 MB)
  16. W.D. Boyce, J.S. Ash and W.L. Dickson - The significance of a new bivalve fauna from the Gander map area (NTS 20/15) and a review of Silurian bivalve-bearing faunas in central Newfoundland (1.9 MB)
  17. T. Dec, W.D. Boyce and F.H.C. O'Brien - Sedimentology, paleontology, provenance and revised stratigraphic status of polymictic, deep-sea conglomerates in the area of Point Leamington, Notre Dame Bay (3.2 MB)
  18. W.L. Dickson - Geology of the Mount Peyton map area (NTS 2D/14), central Newfoundland (3.3 MB)
  19. R.E. Holdsworth, R.S. D'Lemos, M.A. McErlean and S.J. O'Brien - Deformation of the Cape Freels Granite related to dextral displacements along the Dover Fault, northeast Newfoundland (2 MB)
  20. R.E. Holdsworth and S.J. O'Brien - A reconnaissance structural study along the Gander-Avalon Zone boundary between Terra Nova Lake and the Ackley Granite, Newfoundland (2.3 MB)
  21. A. Kerr, W.L. Dickson, J.P. Hayes and B.J. Fryer - Devonian postorogenic granites on the southeastern margin of the Newfoundland Appalachians: A review of geology, geochemistry, petrogenesis and mineral potential (10.4 MB)
  22. B.H. O'Brien - A mapper's guide to Notre Dame Bay's' folded thrust faults: evolution and regional development (3.6 MB)
  23. S.J. O'Brien - A preliminary account of geological investigations in the Clode Sound-Goose Bay region, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland (NTS 2C/5 NW and 2D/8 NE) (4.9 MB)
  24. S.H. Williams - More Ordovician and Silurian graptolites from the Exploits subzone (1 MB)
  25. R.A. Churchill, D.H.C. Wilton and D.T.W. Evans - Geology, alteration assemblages and geochemistry of the Duder Lake gold showings, northeastern Newfoundland 4 MB)
  26. M. Emory-Moore, L. Davis and W.J. Scott - Gold placer occurrences in coastal Newfoundland: Will they pan out? (880 KB)
  27. D.T.W. Evans - Gold mineralization in the eastern Dunnage Zone, central Newfoundland (2.7 MB)
  28. A.F. Howse - Kyanite and related minerals in western Newfoundland (1.5 MB)
  29. J, Meyer and E. Montague - Soapstone reconnaissance survey in the Okak area, northern Labrador (1.1 MB)
  30. R.R. Miller - Rare-metal mineralization in the Nuiklavik volcanic rocks of the Flowers River Igneous Suite (2.4 MB)
  31. F. Santaguida and M. Hannington - Preliminary results on gold mineralization in volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits, central Newfoundland (1.8 MB)
  32. C.M. Saunders - Volcanic metallogenic database - an update (873 KB)
  33. S. Scott - Placer gold in quaternary glaciofluvial and raised marine deposits of the Comfort Cove map area (NTS 2E/7) (3.3 MB)
  34. H.S. Swinden and F. Santaguida - Argillite-hosted sulphide occurrences in the eastern part of the Labrador Trough (4.3 MB)
  35. T.K. Christopher, P.H. Davenport and E.T. Burden - The effect of urban and industrial development on the geochemistry of the watersheds in the St. John's area: Preliminary results (3.4 MB)
  36. C. Finch - Methods of water analysis by inductively coupled plasma-emission spectrometry (1.4 MB)
  37. G.J. Kilfoil, P.A. Bruce and P. Honarvar - Reclaiming geophysical data from mineral assessment reports: an update (1.8 MB)
  38. J.W. McConnell - Aspects of stream-sediment and water surveys in northern Labrador (2.8 MB)
  39. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core storage program, 1992 (823 KB)
  40. C. Patey and J. Gillespie - GEOSCAN- the national database for geological information: The Newfoundland contribution (412 KB)
  41. G. Stapleton, C.F. O'Driscoll, W.K. Parsons, J. Smith and D. King - Mineral occurrence data system (1.1 MB)
  42. K. Benn, M. Genkin, C.R. van Staal and S. Lin - Structure and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of the Rose Blanche Granite, southwestern Newfoundland: kinematics and relative timing of emplacements (192 KB)
  43. J.L. Burgess, M. Brown and C.R. van Staal - Pressure-temperature conditions and a P-T path for the Port aux Basques area, southwest Newfoundland (210 KB)
  44. P.A. Cawood and J.A.M. van Gool - Stratigraphic and structural relations within the western Dunnage Zone, Glover Island region, western Newfoundland (199 KB)
  45. K.L. Currie - Ordovician- Silurian stratigraphy between Gander Bay and Birchy Bay, Newfoundland (180 KB)
  46. B. Dubé, K. Lauzière and H.K. Poulsen - The Deer Cove deposit: an example of 'thrust' related breccia-vein type gold mineralization in the Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland (195 KB)
  47. S. Lin, C.R. van Staal and C. Lee - The Harbour le Cou Group and its correlation with the Bay du Nord Group, southwestern Newfoundland (186 KB)
  48. D.I. Schofield, J.A. Winchester and C.R. van Staal - The Isle aux Morts metabasalt, southwest Newfoundland (187 KB)
  49. D.J. Scott, N. Machado, M. Van Kranendonk, R. Wardle and F. Mengel - A preliminary report of U-Pb geochronology of the northern Torngat Orogen, Labrador (161 KB)
  50. M.J. Van Kranendonk, L. Godin, F.C. Mengel, D.J. Scott, R.J. Wardle, L.C. Campbell and D. Bridgwater - Geology and structural development of the Archean to Paleoproterozoie Burwell domain, northern Torngat Orogen, Labrador and Quebec (238 KB)
  51. J.B. Whalen, K.L. Currie and M.A.J. Piasecki - A re-examination of relations between Dunnage subzones in southwest Newfoundland (195 KB)
  52. H. Williams - Stratigraphy and structure of the Botwood Belt and definition of the Dog Bay Line in northeastern Newfoundland (195 KB)
  53. S.H. Williams, B.H. O'Brien, S.P. Colman-Sadd and F.H.C. O'Brien - Dunnage Zone graptolites; an extension of the age range and distribution of certain Ordovician formations of the Exploits Subzone (358 KB)

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