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  1. M.J. Batterson and R.C. Taylor - Quaternary geology of the upper Humber River area, western Newfoundland (2.4 MB)
  2. D. Bragg - Assessment of bedrock for aggregate use (1.4 MB)
  3. D.G.E. Liverman, D.L. Forbes and R.A. Boger - Coastal monitoring on the Avalon Peninsula (3 MB)
  4. S. Scott - Surficial geology and drift exploration of Comfort Cove- Newstead and Gander River map areas (NTS 2E/7 and 2E/2) (2.9 MB)
  5. L. St. Croix and S. Vatcher - Urban geology of the northeast Avalon (919 KB)
  6. D.M. Taylor - Late Wisconsinan ice-flow patterns in southwestern Newfoundland (1.3 MB)
  7. W.O. Boyce and J.S. Ash - New Silurian- Devonian (I) faunas from the Gander (NTS 2D/15) and Botwood (NTS 2E/3) map areas (2.3 MB)
  8. S.P. Colman-Sadd - Silurian subaerial rocks near Lewisporte. central Newfoundland (3.4 MB)
  9. T. Dec and H.S. Swinden - Lithostratigraphic model, geochemistry and sedimentology of the Cottrells Cove Group, Buchans-Robert's Arm Volcanic Belt, Notre Dame Subzone (5.5 MB)
  10. W.L. Dickson - Geology of the southern portion of the Botwood map area (NTS 2E/3), northcentral Newfoundland (4.4 MB)
  11. J.P. Hayes - Analytical accuracy: a review of analyses of the standards SY-2 and MRG-I from departmental records (3.9 MB)
  12. R.A. Hughes and B.H. O'Brien - Syndepositional transport on a deep-marine slope and softsediment reworking of detritus from an exhumed lapetan arc: evidence from the Upper New Bay Formation of the Exploits Group (3 MB)
  13. A. Kerr - Magmatic. hydrothermal and surficial processes in the development of multicoloured dimension-stone granites of the Topsails Plateau area (NTS 12H/02) (5.7 MB)
  14. I. Knight - Fisher Hills bluestone: a Carboniferous flagstone/ledgestone deposit (1.9 MB)
  15. I. Knight - Geology of Cambrian-Ordovician platformal rocks of the Pasadena map area (NTS 12H/4) (2.9 MB)
  16. S.J. O'Brien - On the geological development of the Avalon Zone in the area between Ocean Pond and Long Islands. Bonavista Bay (parts of NTS 2C/5 and NTS 2C/12) (3.6 MB)
  17. S.H. Williams and B.H. O'Brien - Graptolite biostratigraphy within a fault-imbricated black shale and chert sequence: implications for a triangle zone in the Shoal Arm Formation of the Exploits Subzone (2 MB)
  18. D.T.W. Evans and M. Wilson - Epigenetic gold occurrences in the eastern Dunnage Zone, Newfoundland: preliminary stable-isotope results (2.9 MB)
  19. A.F. Howse - Industrial potential of the Silver Mountain marble deposit, western Newfoundland (1.8 MB)
  20. R.R. Miller - Extreme Na-depletion in the peralkaline volcanic rocks of the Middle Proterozoic Flowers River cauldron complex, Labrador (3.4 MB)
  21. C. Saunders - Volcanic metallogenic database: an overview of its application and data (1.3 MB)
  22. H.S. Swinden and F. Santaguida - Sulphide occurrences in clastic sedimentary rocks in the Howse Zone, western Labrador (2.3 MB)
  23. P. Tallman and D.T.W. Evans - Geology of stibnite mineralization at the Hunan Line prospects, central Newfoundland (2.3 MB)
  24. J. Meyer and E. Montague - Soapstone in the Hopedale area, Labrador (1.5 MB)
  25. P.H. Davenport, L.W. Nolan and P. Honarvar - The digital geochemical atlas of Newfoundland (5.1 MB)
  26. G.J. Kilfoil and P.A. Bruce - A digital geophysical atlas: implications for its design and construction (2.9 MB)
  27. J.W. McConnell - Detailed survey of stream-sediment and water geochemistry, northern Labrador (4 MB)
  28. L.W. Nolan and P.A. Bruce - Digital terrain model of the Island of Newfoundland (1.2 MB)
  29. A.C. Cadman and A.B. Ryan - An investigation of some metamorphosed dykes of the Nain area, Labrador: Part 2- geochemistry of the Akkuneq dykes of the Dog Island region (3.2 MB)
  30. C.F. Gower, T. van Nostrand, D. Evans-Lamswood - Geology of the Pinware River region, southeast Labrador (7.3 MB)
  31. D.T. James and K.L. Mahoney - Structural, metamorphic and intrusive relations in the Hinterland of the eastern Churchill Province, western Labrador (4.3 MB)
  32. K.R. Royse, R.G. Park and A. Cadman - The geology of the area around Nukasusutok Island, southeast of Nain (including Paul Island and Sandy Island) (3.3 MB)
  33. R.J. Wardle, D. Bridgewater, F. Mengel, L. Campbell, M.J. Van Kranendonk, A. Hauman, R. Churchill and L. Reid - Mapping in the Torngat Orogen, northernmost Labrador: Report 3, the Nain Craton (including a note on ultramafic dyke occurrences in northernmost Labrador) (2.5 MB)
  34. D.H.C. Wilton - The Mugford Group, northern Labrador, revisited: notes from a continuing study (1.4 MB)
  35. D.H.C. Wilton, S.M. Archibald, A.M. Hussey and R.W. Butler, Jr. - Metallogeny of the Ramah Group: discovery of a new Pb-Zn exploration target, northern Labrador (3.7 MB)
  36. G.A.G. Nunn - Reconnaissance geology of the Kanairiktok River headwaters, Labrador (4.9 MB)
  37. A. Hurris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program, 1993 (714 KB)
  38. C. Patey and J. Gillespie - GEOSCAN- the national database for geological information: the Newfoundland contribution (493 KB)
  39. G. Stapleton, C.F. O'Driscoll, W.K. Parsons, J. Smith, D. King and W.J. Jacobs - Mineral occurrence data system (1.3 MB)
  40. K.L. Currie - Reconsidering parts of Comfort Cove and Gander River map areas, Dunnage Zone of Newfoundland (188 KB)
  41. P.W.B. Friske, G.E.M. Hall and S.J.A. Day - Comparison of trace element distributions in lake sediments and waters from the Florence Lake area, Labrador (199 KB)
  42. M.A. Hamilton - Tholeiitic and weakly alkalic basaltic volcanism of the Mugford Group, northern Labrador: preliminary geochemical results (205 KB)
  43. R.A. Klassen - A preliminary interpretation of glacial history derived from glacial striations, central Newfoundland (194 KB)
  44. F.C. Thomas - Cenozoic foraminiferal assemblages of the Hibernia area, Grand Banks of Newfoundland, and paleoecological implications (197 KB)
  45. M.J. Van Kranendonk, R.J. Wardle, RC. Mengel, L.M. Campbell and L. Reid - New results and summary of the Archean and Paleoproteroloic geology of the Burwell domain, northern Torngat Orogen, Labrador, Quebec, and Northwest Territories (240 KB)
  46. H. Williams - The Dunnage Melange, Newfoundland, revisited (190 KB)

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