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  1. A.C. Cadman, B. Ryan, K. Royse and S.R. Noble - An investigation of some metamorphosed dykes of the Nain area: Part 3 - geochemistry and structural relationships of dykes in the Nukasusutok Island area (3.4 MB)
  2. C.F. Gower, J.W. McConnell and T. van Nostrand - New mineral-exploration targets in the Pinware Terrane, Grenville Province, southeast Labrador (2.7 MB)
  3. D.T. James and J.N. Connelly - Geology of the Paleoproterozoic Blueberry Lake Group, Grenville Province, western Labrador (3.3 MB)
  4. K.R. Royse and B. Ryan - Structural evolution and emplacement of the Nain Plutonic Suite in the Dog Island area (2.5 MB)
  5. B. Ryan and J.W. McConnell - The search for kimberlite and lamproite intrusions in eastern Labrador: Initial report of a bedrock and surficial-sediment sampling survey (2.2 MB)
  6. M. Batterson, D. Liverman and D. Taylor - The assessment of geological hazards and disasters in Newfoundland (4.9 MB)
  7. D.J. Bragg - Petrographic examination of construction aggregates of Newfoundland (5 MB)
  8. F. Kirby - Aggregate-resource assessment projects, Newfoundland and Labrador (2 MB)
  9. D. Liverman, D. Taylor, J. Maunder and L. Benson - Quaternary mapping, Robert's Arm, Little Bay Island and Springdale areas (NTS 2E/5, 2E/ 12 and 12H/8) (3.3 MB)
  10. M.J. Ricketts and L. St. Croix - Aggregate maps - a digital approach (225 KB)
  11. J. W. McConnell - Seasonal and mining influences on stream-water geochemistry in the Rambler Mines area: Implications for mineral exploration and environmental monitoring (1.9 MB)
  12. D.T.W. Evans and D.H.C. Wilton - Midas Pond gold prospect. Victoria Lake Group, central Newfoundland: A shear-hosted quartz vein system (1.4 MB)
  13. A.F. Howse - Industrial potential of the Coney Ann limestone deposit, western White Bay, Newfoundland (1.7 MB)
  14. J. Meyer and E. Montague - Dimension stone in Labrador (1.4 MB)
  15. R.R. Miller and A.M. AbdeI-Rahman - The King's Point Complex. Newfoundland , and its potential for rare-metal mineralization (4.3 MB)
  16. B. Ryan, R.J. Wardle, C.F. Gower and G.A.G. Nunn - Nickel - copper-sulphide mineralization in Labrador: The Voisey Bay discovery and its exploration implications (8.4 MB)
  17. S. Swinden and F. Santaguida - The Montgomery Lake prospect. western Labrador: Cu(±Au?) mineralization related to the Walsh Lake Thrust (3.2 MB)
  18. R. D'Lemos, I. Tribe and J. Pembroke - Emplacement and construction of Devonian 'posttectonic' granites. north east Newfoundland Appalachians (3.9 MB)
  19. A. Kerr - The Hodges Hill Granite between Grand Falls-Windsor and Badger (NTS 2D/13 and 2E/4): Geology, petrology and dimension-stone potential (4.7 MB)
  20. I. Knight - Preliminary 1:50 000 mapping of Lower Paleozoic parautochthonous sedimentary rocks of the Corner Brook area (2.2 MB)
  21. S.J. O'Brien, C.F. O'Driscoll, B.A. Greene and R.D. Tucker - Pre-Carboniferous geology of the Connaigre Peninsula and the adjacent coast of Fortune Bay, southern Newfoundland (8.9 MB)
  22. W.D. Boyce and S.H. Williams - One and a half centuries of paleontological research: A selective bibliography of Newfoundland and Labrador fossils (6.6 MB)
  23. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program, 1994 (536 KB)
  24. C. Patey and J. Gillespie - Geofile and technical library collections and databases at the Geological Survey, Newfoundland (1.2 MB)
  25. G. Stapleton, C.F. O'Driscoll, W.K. Parsons and J. Smith - Mineral occurrence data system (1.2 MB)
  26. K.L. Currie - A tale of shale - stratigraphic problems in the Gander River map area, Newfoundland (178 KB)

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