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  1. M. Batterson - Quaternary geology of parts of the central and southern Hopedale Block, Labrador (2.5 MB)
  2. D.J. Bragg - Alkali-aggregate reactivity in Newfoundland (2 MB)
  3. F.T. Kirby - Aggregate-resource assessment projects, insular Newfoundland (1.7 MB)
  4. D. Liverman and T. Bell - Late Quaternary glacial and glaciomarine sediments in southern St. George's Bay (2.7 MB)
  5. M.J. Ricketts and S.V. Vatcher - Granular aggregate-resource mapping in the Roddickton - Main Brook area, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfound land (3 MB)
  6. C.F. Gower and T. van Nostrand - Geology of the southeast Mealy Mountains region, Grenville Province, southeast Labrador (4.7 MB)
  7. G.A.C. Nunn and T. van Nostrand - Geology of the Kenemich River map area (NTS 13G/S W), Labrador (2.9 MB)
  8. D.T. James, R.R. Miller, R.P. Patey, S. Thibodeau and G.J. Kilfoil - Geology and mineral potential of the Archean Florence Lake greenstone belt, Hopedale Block (Nain Province), eastern Labrador (5.4 MB)
  9. B. Ryan - Commentary on the location of the Nain- Churchill boundary in the Nain area (5.7 MB)
  10. D.T.W. Evans - Metallogenic studies: Roberts Arm and Cutwell groups) Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland (4.1 MB)
  11. T. Froude, D.T.W. Evans, D. Mullen and D.H.C. Wilton - The Lochinvar volcanogenic massive-sulphide deposit, Catchers Pond Group, central Newfoundland (1.2 MB)
  12. A.F. Howse and E. Montague - Industrial-minerals surveys in Newfoundland and Labrador (1.6 MB)
  13. R.R. Miller - Ultramafic rocks and nickel mineralization in the Florence Lake - Ugjoktok Bay area, Labrador (2.8 MB)
  14. C. Saunders - Volcanic rock geochemical database-Version 2.0 (1 MB)
  15. J.G. Thurlow - Geology of a newly discovered cluster of blind massive-sulphide deposits, Pilley's Island, central Newfoundland (2.3 MB)
  16. J.W. McConnell - Preliminary report of the soil- and stream-geochemical surveys of the Florence Lake greenstone belt, eastern Labrador (449 KB)
  17. J. McConnell and B. Ryan - The search for kimberlite and lamproite intrusions in northeastern Labrador: Results of a surficial sediment survey and bedrock orientation study (2.9 MB))
  18. S. Swinden - Geochemistry of volcanic rocks in the Moreton's Harbour - Twillingate area, Notre Dame Bay (4 MB)
  19. S.P. Colman-Sadd, J.S. Ash, J.P. Bayes and L.W. Nolan - Management of geological map units in a Geographic Information System (6.1 MB)
  20. P. Honarvar, A. Hogan, G.J. Kilfoil, D. King, L.W. Nolan, J.S. Ash, S.P. ColmanSndd, J.P. Hayes, D.G.E. Liverman P.B. Davenport, A. Kerr and D.T.W. Evans - A digital geoscience atlas on CD-ROM of the Buchans - Robert's Arm Belt (6.1 MB)
  21. A. Kerr - New perspectives on the stratigraphy, volcanology, and structure of island-arc volcanic rocks in the Ordovician Roberts Arm Group, Notre Dame Bay (7.4 MB)
  22. S.J. O'Brien and C.F. O'Driscoll - Preliminary investigation of Neoproterozoic (Avalonian) rocks, northeastern Holyrood (NTS IN/6) map area: Notes on geology, mineralization and mineral exploration potential (4.5 MB)
  23. D. Schofield, R.D'Lemos and T.King - Evidence and implications for the syntectonic emplacement of the Cape Freels Granite: A Silurian pluton emplaced into the Gander Lake Subzone, northeast Newfoundland (3.8 MB)
  24. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program, 1995 (600 KB)
  25. C. Patey and J. Gillespie - Geoscience documents and databases at the Publications and Information Section, Geological Survey, Newfoundland (397 KB)
  26. G. Stapleton, C.F, O'Driscoll, W.K. Parsons and J. Smith - Mineral occurrence data system (1.3 MB)
  27. Ronald F. Emslie - Troctolitic rocks of the Reid Brook intrusion, Nain Plutonic Suite, Voisey Bay area, Labrador (192 KB)
  28. Ron Macnab, Jacob Verhoef, Walter Roest, Jafar Arkani-Hamed, and Members of the Project Team - Magnetic anomalies of the Arctic and North Atlantic regions (160 KB)

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