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  1. M. Batterson and D. Liverman - Contrasting styles of glacial dispersal in Newfoundland and Labrador: Methods and case studies (1 MB)
  2. M. Batterson and K. Sheppard - Deglacial history of northern St. George’s Bay, western Newfoundland (539 KB)
  3. N. Catto, H. Griffiths, S. Jones and H. Porter - Late Holocene sea-level changes, eastern Newfoundland (905 KB)
  4. D. Taylor and D. Liverman - Till geochemistry in the Hodges Hill area (408 KB)
  5. S.P. Colman-Sadd - GeoSymbol: Upgrade to accommodate multiple UTM zones and the conversion between NAD 27 and NAD 83 (377 KB)
  6. J.W. McConnell - Recent high-density lake-sediment and water surveys in central Labrador (2 MB)
  7. W.D. Boyce, I. Knight, D.M. Rohr, S.H. Williams and E.A. Measures - The Upper St. George Group, western Port au Port Peninsula: Lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, depositional environments and regional implications (1.1 MB)
  8. W.L. Dickson - Geology of the eastern portion of the Dawes Pond (NTS 12H/1) map area, central Newfoundland (937 KB)
  9. C.F. Gower - Geology of the Upper St. Paul River map region, Grenville Province, eastern Labrador (2.1 MB)
  10. D.T. James, S. Kamo and T.E. Krogh - Preliminary U-Pb geochronological data from the Mealy Mountains Terrane, Grenville Province, southern Labrador (994 KB)
  11. D.T. James and L. Nadeau - Geology of the Minipi Lake area (NTS 13C/South): New data from the southern Mealy Mountains Terrane, Grenville Province, Labrador (1.8 MB)
  12. I. Knight and W.D. Boyce - Geological notes on the Cambro-Ordovician rocks of the Phillips Brook Anticline, north of Stephenville (710 KB)
  13. B. McConnell and B. O’Brien - Stratigraphic and petrogenetic relationships between arc and non-arc basalts in western and southern parts of the Ordovician Wild Bight Group, Dunnage Zone, Newfoundland (1 MB)
  14. J.C. Pollock and H. Williams - Clastic dykes in the Dunnage Melange, Halfmoon Bay, northeast Newfoundland (978 KB)
  15. D.M. Rohr, E.A. Measures, W.D. Boyce and I. Knight - Ongoing studies of Late Cambrian and Early Ordovician gastropods of western Newfoundland (705 KB)
  16. B. Ryan - Geological investigations in the type locality of the Nain Plutonic Suite (NTS 14C/12) (1.4 MB)
  17. J.W.F. Waldron and S.E. Palmer - Lithostratigraphy and structure of the Humber Arm Allochthon in the type area, Bay of Islands, Newfoundland (152 KB)
  18. S.H. Williams, W.D. Boyce, I. Knight, E.A. Measures and D.M. Rohr - Early Ordovician (Arenig) graptolites from the Upper St. George Group, Port au Port Peninsula: Preservation, correlation, and paleo-environmental and stratigraphic implications (298 KB)
  19. J.G. Hinchey, C.F. O’Driscoll and D.H.C. Wilton - Breccia-hosted gold on the northern Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland (1.6 MB)
  20. A. Kerr and J.L. Smith - Magmatic Ni–Cu sulphide mineralization in the Harp Lake Intrusive Suite, central Labrador (2.4 MB)
  21. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program, 1999 (36 KB)
  22. C. Patey and C. Saunders - Documents and databases of the Geoscience Publications and Information Section (10 KB)
  23. G. Stapleton, J.L. Smith, J.C. Pollock and B.C. Way Mineral Occurrence Data System (430 KB)

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