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Current Research 2002

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  1. S.J. McCuaig - Quaternary geology of the Alexis River area, and the Blanc-Sablon to Mary's Harbour road corridor, southern Labrador (658 KB)
  2. M.J. Ricketts - Granular aggregate mapping in the Argentia and Placentia map areas (NTS 1N/4,5) (255 KB)
  3. T. Calon, C. Buchanan, E. Burden, G. Feltham and J. Young - Stratigraphy and structure of sedimentary rocks in the Humber Arm Allochthon, southwestern Bay of Islands, Newfoundland (332 KB)
  4. J.W.F. Waldron, A.D. Henry and J.C. Bradley - Structure and polyphase deformation of the Humber Arm Allochthon and related rocks west of Corner Brook, Newfoundland (225 KB)
  5. G.F. Hynes and T. Rivers - A study of the metamorphic aureole of the Mount Peyton Intrusive Suite, Dunnage Zone, central Newfoundland (488 KB)
  6. D.T. James, S. Kamo, T. Krogh and L. Nadeau - Preliminary report on U–Pb ages for intrusive rocks from the western Mealy Mountains and Wilson Lake terranes, Grenville Province, southern Labrador (558 KB)
  7. D.T. James, L. Nadeau and G.A.G. Nunn - Geology of the Natashquan River (NTS 13D/SE) and Senécal Lake (NTS 13D/SW) areas, Grenville Province, southern Labrador (1.4 MB)
  8. L. Nadeau and D.T. James - Preliminary note on the lithogeochemistry and petrogenesis of intrusive rock suites from the Lac Brûlé region (NTS map area 13D), Grenville Province, Labrador (3.4 MB)
  9. I. Knight and W.D. Boyce - Lower Paleozoic carbonate rocks of the northern closure of the North Brook Anticline and the Spruce Ponds klippe, Georges Lake (12B/16) and Harrys River (12B/9) map areas: collected thoughts on unconnected rocks (636 KB)
  10. A.G. Brem, S. Lin and C.R. van Staal - Humber Zone – Dunnage Zone relationships and the Long Range Fault, south of Grand Lake, western Newfoundland: Preliminary results (408 KB)
  11. C.J. Lissenberg and C.R. van Staal - The relationships between the Annieopsquotch ophiolite belt, the Dashwoods block and the Notre Dame arc in southwestern Newfoundland (363 KB)
  12. J.C. Pollock, D.H.C. Wilton and C.R. van Staal - Geological studies and definition of the Tally Pond Group, Victoria Lake supergroup, Exploits Subzone, Newfoundland Appalachians (621 KB)
  13. J.C. Pollock, D.H.C. Wilton, C.R. van Staal and M.N. Tubrett - Laser ablation ICP-MS geochronology and provenance of detrital zircons from the Rogerson Lake Conglomerate, Botwood Belt, Newfoundland (453 KB)
  14. N. Rogers and C.R. van Staal - Toward a Victoria Lake supergroup: A provisional stratigraphic revision of the Red Indian to Victoria lakes area, central Newfoundland (386 KB)
  15. P. Valverde-Vaquero and C.R. van Staal - Geology and magnetic anomalies of the Exploits–Meelpaeg boundary zone in the Victoria Lake area (central Newfoundland): Regional implications (1.1 MB)
  16. A. Zagorevski and C.R. van Staal - Structures associated with the Red Indian Line in southwestern Newfoundland(530 KB)
  17. S.J. O'BrienA note on Neoproterozoic gold, early Paleozoic copper and basement–cover relationships on the margins of the Holyrood Horst, southeastern Newfoundland (363 KB)
  18. S.J. O'Brien and A.F. KingNeoproterozoic stratigraphy of the Bonavista Peninsula: Preliminary results, regional correlations and implications for sediment-hosted stratiform copper exploration in the Newfoundland Avalon Zone (772 KB)
  19. B.A. Sparkes, S.J. O'Brien, M.R. Wilson and G.R. Dunning - The geological setting, geochemistry and age of late Proterozoic intrusive rocks at the Butlers Pond Cu–Au Prospect (NTS 1N/3), Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland (790 KB)
  20. D.M. Rohr, E.A. Measures, W.D. Boyce and I. Knight - Euomphalopsis and polhemia (gastropoda) from the Lower Ordovician Catoche Formation, western Newfoundland (586 KB)
  21. J.W. McConnell - Stream-water geochemistry as a guide to sources of acid-mine drainage in the former Rambler Mines area (820 KB)
  22. M.T. Dean and D.H.C. Wilton - The Katie Prospect and the potential for volcanogenic massive sulphides in the Baie d'Espoir Group, south-central Newfoundland: A metallogenic and lithogeochemical study (617 KB)
  23. W.L. Dickson - Dolomite potential of the Cape Norman area, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland (403 KB)
  24. W.L. Dickson - Silica assessment of the Hawke Bay Formation, Highlands of St. John area, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland (307 KB)
  25. A. Kerr - A reconnaissance study of platinum-group-element (PGE) contents from magmatic sulphide mineralization in Labrador (375 KB)
  26. D.H.C. Wilton, R.C. Taylor, P.J. Sylvester and G.T. Penney - A review of kimberlitic and ultramafic lamprophyre intrusives from northern Labrador (312 KB)
  27. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program, 2001 (445 KB)
  28. C. Patey and C. Saunders - Documents and databases of the Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador (14 KB)
  29. G.J. Stapleton, J.L. Smith and J.E. Duke - Mineral Occurrence Data System (220 KB)

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