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Current Research 2003

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  1. A.G. Brem, S. Lin and C.R. van Staal - Structural relationships south of Grand Lake, Newfoundland (1.4 MB)
  2. C.F. Gower - Implications of re-assessed 40Ar/39Ar and K–Ar geochronological data for Grenvillian orogenesis in the eastern Grenville Province (3.5 MB)
  3. D.T. James, G.A.G. Nunn, S. Kamo and K. Kwok - The southeastern Churchill Province revisited: U–Pb geochronology, regional correlations, and the enigmatic Orma Domain (464 KB)
  4. A. Kerr and G.R. Dunning - A note on the U–Pb zircon age of the Woodford’s Arm Granite, and its relationship to the Roberts Arm Group, central Newfoundland (NTS 2E/12) (33 KB)
  5. I. Knight - Geology of the North Brook Anticline, Harrys River map area (NTS 12B/09) (2.7 MB)
  6. B.H. O’Brien - Internal and external relationships of the Ordovician Roberts Arm Group in part of the Springdale (NTS 12H/8) map area, west–central Newfoundland (846 KB)
  7. S.M. Parsons and D.T. James - Geochemistry of Late- to Post-Grenvillian intrusions, eastern Grenville Province, Labrador (2.2 MB)
  8. S.J. Pehrsson, C.R. van Staal, R. Herd and V. McNicoll - The Cormacks Lake Complex, Dashwoods Subzone: A window into the deeper levels of the Notre Dame arc (1.3 MB)
  9. D.M. Rohr, W.D. Boyce - and I. Knight Ordovician gastropods from western Newfoundland (520 KB)
  10. B. Ryan and D. James - The geology of Labrador between Tikkoatokak Bay and the Québec border (NTS 14D, north half): A reconnaissance examination (1.6 MB)
  11. A. Zagorevski, N. Rogers and C.R. van Staal - Tectonostratigraphic relationships in the Lloyds River and Tulks Brook region of central Newfoundland: A geological link between Red Indian and King George IV lakes (486 KB)
  12. J.W. McConnell - Lake-sediment and soil surveys for platinum-group metals in central Labrador and the Voisey’s Bay area (2.1 MB)
  13. W.L. Dickson - Newfoundland dimension-stone site studies, 2002 (2.2 MB)
  14. W.L. Dickson - Industrial-mineral studies, 2002 (2.3 MB)
  15. A. Kerr - Guidelines for the calculation and use of sulphide metal contents in research and mineral exploration (67 KB)
  16. A. Kerr - Voisey’s Bay and the nickel potential of Labrador: A summary for the nonspecialist (886 KB)
  17. P.J. Moore - Stratigraphic implications for mineralization: Preliminary findings of a metallogenic investigation of the Tally Pond volcanics, central Newfoundland (2.2 MB)
  18. M.J. Batterson and D.M. Taylor - Regional till geochemistry and surficial geology of the western Avalon Peninsula and isthmus (2.7 MB)
  19. D.G. Liverman, M.J. Batterson and D. Taylor - Geological hazards and disasters in Newfoundland – recent discoveries (311 KB)
  20. S.J. McCuaig - Glacial history and Quaternary geology of the White Bay region (1.2 MB)
  21. J.S. Smith, T. Bell and L. Rankin - Quaternary geology and landscape change, Porcupine Strand, Labrador (1.2 MB)
  22. A. Harris and S. Cochrane Core-storage program, 2002 - (71 KB)
  23. C. Patey and C. Saunders - Documents and databases of the Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador (14 KB)
  24. G.J. Stapleton and J.L. Smith Mineral - Occurrence Data System (622 KB)

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