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Current Research 2005

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  1. A. Marich, M. Batterson and T. Bell - The morphology and sedimentological analyses of Rogen moraines, central Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland (425 KB)
  2. S.J. McCuaig and J.S. Smith - Quaternary geology of the Snegamook Lake area, Central Mineral Belt, Labrador (564 KB)
  3. M.J. Ricketts - Granular-aggregate mapping in southeast Labrador (290 KB)
  4. W.D. Boyce and I. Knight - Cambrian macrofossils from the Phillips Brook and North Brook anticlines, western Newfoundland (339 KB)
  5. E. Burden, E. Gillis and E. French - Tectonostratigraphy of an exhumed Blow Me Down Brook Formation hydrocarbon reservoir, Sluice Brook, western Newfoundland (256 KB)
  6. C.F. Gower - Kinematic evidence for terrane displacements in the Grenville Province in eastern Labrador (1.2 MB)
  7. D. James and D. Byrne - A note on the Mesoproterozoic Nain Plutonic Suite and rocks of the southeastern Churchill Province, lower Kingurutik River area (NTS map sheet 14D/15) (292 KB)
  8. S.J. O’Brien and A.F. King - Late Neoproterozoic (Ediacaran) stratigraphy of Avalon Zone sedimentary rocks, Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland (666 KB)
  9. G.W. Sparkes, S.J. O’Brien, G.R. Dunning and B. Dubé - U–Pb geochronological constraints on the timing of magmatism, epithermal alteration and low-sulphidation gold mineralization, eastern Avalon Zone, Newfoundland (332 KB)
  10. P.G. Collins and D.H.C. Wilton - Evaluation and characterization of the Ni–Cu sulphide and PGE potential in three mafic–ultramafic intrusive complexes: Preliminary results (1.1 MB)
  11. W.L. Dickson and M. King - Dimension-stone studies in Newfoundland and Labrador, 2004 (949 KB)
  12. W.L. Dickson and M. King - Geological aspects of some historical buildings and structures in Newfoundland (349 KB)
  13. A. Kerr - Geology and geochemistry of unusual gold mineralization in the Cat Arm Road area, western White Bay: Preliminary assessment in the context of new exploration models (1.2 MB)
  14. J.M. O’Driscoll and D.H.C. Wilton - Preliminary geochronological, geochemical and isotopic studies of auriferous systems in the Botwood Basin and environs, central Newfoundland (738 KB)
  15. G.C. Squires - Gold and antimony occurrences of the Exploits Subzone and Gander Zone: A review of recent discoveries and their interpretation (748 KB)
  16. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program, 2004 (52 KB)
  17. C.P. Koch and D.T. James - Visiting artist in northern Labrador: A new vision of the Nain Plutonic Suite (416 KB)
  18. C. Patey and C. Saunders - Documents and databases at the Geoscience Publications and Information Section (15 KB)
  19. G.J. Stapleton, J.L. Smith and W.K. Parsons - Mineral Occurrence Data System (79 KB)

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