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Current Research 2006

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  1. W.L. Dickson - The Silurian Indian Islands Group and its relationships to adjacent units (917 KB)
  2. P. Honarvar and G. Squires - Preliminary analysis of mineral potential modelling of the Victoria Lake Supergroup volcanic rocks: A weights of evidence approach (631 KB)
  3. V.J. McNicoll, G.C. Squires, R.J. Wardle, G.R. Dunning and B.H. O’Brien - U–Pb geochronological evidence for Devonian deformation and gold mineralization in the eastern Dunnage Zone, Newfoundland (478 KB)
  4. A. Kerr - Mesothermal gold mineralization in the Silurian Sops Arm group, western Newfoundland: A descriptive and historical overview (1.2 MB)
  5. A. Kerr - Silurian rocks of the Sops Arm group, western Newfoundland: Some new food for future digestion (1.4 MB)
  6. A. Kerr, O. van Breemen and R.A. Creaser - The timing of gold mineralization at the Rattling Brook deposit, White Bay: constraints from Re–Os and 40Ar–39Ar geochronology (258 KB)
  7. J. Lake and D.H.C. Wilton - Structural and stratigraphic controls on mineralization at the Beaver Brook antimony deposit, central Newfoundland (475 KB)
  8. M. Batterson, S. McCuaig and D Taylor - Mapping and assessing risk of geological hazard on the northeast Avalon Peninsula and Humber Valley, Newfoundland (1.4 MB)
  9. M. Batterson, D. Taylor, T. Bell, D. Brushett and J. Shaw - Regional ice-flow mapping, surficial geology and till geochemistry of the northern Burin Peninsula and adjacent Placentia Bay (847 KB)
  10. D. Liverman, M. Batterson, T. Bell, L. Nolan, A. Marich and M. Putt - Digital elevation models from shuttle radar topography misson data – new insights into the Quaternary history of Newfoundland (636 KB)
  11. J. McConnell - Highlights of a detailed lake-sediment and water survey for PGE, gold and base metals in western Labrador (853 KB)
  12. S. McCuaig - Glacial spillway deposits in the Gander Lake–Gambo area (403 KB)
  13. W.D. Boyce and W.L. Dickson - Recent fossil finds in the Indian Islands Group, central Newfoundland (489 KB)
  14. E. Gillis and E. Burden - New insights into the stratigraphy of the Blow Me Down Brook formation, western Newfoundland (484 KB)
  15. B.H. O’Brien - Geometry of a fold-and-thrust belt near Lake Bond (NTS map areas 12H/1;12A/16), central Newfoundland (566 KB)
  16. S.J. O’Brien, A.F. King and H.J. Hofmann - Lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic studies on the eastern Bonavista Peninsula: An update (184 KB)
  17. G.W. Sparkes - Late Neoproterozoic geology of the east coast of Conception Bay, Newfoundland Avalon Zone (469 KB)
  18. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program, 2005 (125 KB)
  19. C. Patey and C. Saunders - Documents and databases at the Publications and Information Section (15 KB)
  20. G.J. Stapleton and J.L. Smith - Mineral Occurrence Data System (427 KB)
  21. I.A. Brookes - Discussion on deglacial history of northern St. George’s Bay; reply by M. Batterson and K. Sheppard (142 KB)

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