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Current Research 2009

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  1. M.P. Escayola, J.A. Proenza, C. van Staal, N. Rogers and T. Skulski - The Point Rousse Listvenites, Baie Verte, Newfoundland: Altered ultramafic rocks with potential for gold mineralization (1.1 MB)
  2. J.G. Hinchey and V. McNicoll - Tectonostratigraphic architecture and VMS mineralization of the southern Tulks Volcanic Belt: New insights from U–Pb geochronology and lithogeochemistry (3.2 MB)
  3. A. Kerr, T.S. van Nostrand, L. Dickson and E.P. Lynch - Molybdenum and tungsten in Newfoundland: A geological overview and a summary of recent exploration developments (4.3 MB)
  4. G.W. Sparkes and G.R. Dunning - Preliminary investigations into the style, setting and timing of uranium mineralization, Jacques Lake deposit, Central Mineral Belt, Labrador (1.9 MB)
  5. L. Crisby-Whittle - Digital bedrock geology dataset: Online (576 KB)
  6. W.D. Boyce, I. Knight and D. Brake - A Middle Cambrian mass-kill recorded in the Penquin Cove Formation, western Newfoundland (1.5 MB)
  7. W.D. Boyce and I. Knight - New fossil localities in the Middle Ordovician Table Point Formation, Bonne Bay Little Pond area, western Newfoundland (1.2 MB)
  8. G. Case and A. Zagorevski - Volcanic redbed copper mineralization in the Hinds Lake area, central Newfoundland (1.4 MB)
  9. S. Castonguay, T. Skulski, C. van Staal and M. Currie - New insights on the structural geology of the Pacquet Harbour Group and Point Rousse Complex, Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland (993 KB)
  10. A.M. Hinchey and C. LaFlamme - The Paleoproterozoic volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Aillik Group and associated plutonic suites of the Aillik domain, Makkovik Province, Labrador (NTS map area 13J/14) (6.3 MB)
  11. I. Knight and D. Boyce - The Reluctant Head Formation, Goose Arm Thrust Stack, Newfoundland Humber Zone: New observations on the stratigraphy, biostratigraphy and implications for the evolution of the Cambrian–Ordovician shelf (1.8 MB)
  12. C. LaFlamme, A.M. Hinchey and P.J. Sylvester - Preliminary report on the lithology of volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Aillik Group, Aillik domain, Makkovik Province (2.2 MB)
  13. E.P. Lynch, D. Selby, M. Feely and D.H.C. Wilton - New constraints on the timing of molybdenite mineralization in the Devonian Ackley Granite Suite, southeastern Newfoundland: Preliminary results of Re–Os geochronology (202 KB)
  14. B.H. O’Brien - Ordovician Catchers Pond Group and adjacent Silurian rocks, Indian River–Shoal Pond area (NTS 12H/8, 9), west-central Newfoundland (2.9 MB)
  15. T.S. van Nostrand - Geology of the Seal Lake Group, central Labrador (parts of NTS map areas 13K/5 and 6) (3 MB)
  16. A. Zagorevski and N. Rogers - Geochemical characteristics of the Ordovician volcano-sedimentary rocks in the Mary March Brook area (1.2 MB)
  17. P. Blundon, T. Bell and M. Batterson - An evaluation of SRTM digital elevation data for glacial landform mapping in Newfoundland (1.4 MB)
  18. G. Kilfoil - Geophysical data from recent airborne surveys, Newfoundland and Labrador (1.2 MB)
  19. C. Serpa, M. Batterson and K. Guzzwell - The influence of bedrock and mineral occurrences on arsenic concentrations in groundwater wells in the Gander Bay area, Newfoundland (8.3 MB)
  20. J.S. Smith - Red Indian Lake project: A review of Quaternary investigations southeast of Red Indian Lake, Newfoundland (7.7 MB)
  21. D. Taylor - Regional till-geochemistry sampling and ice-flow mapping along the southern shore of the Avalon Peninsula (1.7 MB)
  22. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program, 2008 (133 KB)
  23. C. Patey and C. Saunders - Documents and databases at the Geoscience Publications and Information Section (13 KB)
  24. J.L. Smith, G.J. Stapleton, D.W. Hanchar and H.M. Rafuse - Mineral Occurrence Data System (12 KB)

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