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  1. J.G. Hinchey - Neoproterozoic sedimentary-hosted ‘stratiform’ copper mineralization–Bonavista Peninsula, Avalon Zone, Newfoundland: Initial field and petrographic observations (37.2 MB)
  2. A. Kerr and V. McNicoll - U–Pb ages from mafic rocks associated with orthomagmatic Ni–Cu–Co sulphide mineralization in west-central Labrador (1.9 MB)
  3. A. Kerr and D. Selby - The timing of gold mineralization on the Baie Verte Peninsula: Progress report on Re–Os pyrite geochronology (515 KB)
  4. M. Minnett, H.A. Sandeman and D. Wilton - Regional setting of gold mineralization at the Viking Property, southern White Bay, Newfoundland (9.5 MB)
  5. H. Sandeman and D. Copeland - Preliminary lithogeochemistry for ‘Exploits dykes’ from the Badger map area, Exploits Subzone, central Newfoundland (9.7 MB)
  6. H. Sandeman, H. Rafuse and D. Copeland - The setting of orogenic, auriferous quartz veins at the Golden Promise Prospect, central Newfoundland and observations on veining and wall-rock alteration (13.3 MB)
  7. G.W. Sparkes, G.R. Dunning and V.J. McNicoll - New U–Pb age constraints and potential implications for the genesis of the Kitts uranium deposit, Central Mineral Belt, Labrador (11 MB)
  8. S.D. Amor - Lake-sediment and water-sampling survey in the Knox Lake region, western Labrador (2.7 MBB)
  9. S.D. Amor - The North American Soil Geochemical Landscapes Project (NASGLP): Fieldwork in Newfoundland in 2009 (9.3 MB)
  10. M. Batterson and D. Liverman - Past and future sea-level change in Newfoundland and Labrador: Guidelines for policy and planning (1 MB)
  11. P. Blundon, T. Bell and M. Batterson - Ice streaming in the Newfoundland ice cap: Implications for the reconstruction of ice flow and drift prospecting (4.7 MB)
  12. D. Brushett - Quaternary geology of the Gander Lake and Gambo map areas (NTS 2D/16 and 2C/13) (9.1 MB)
  13. M.M. Putt, T. Bell, M.J. Batterson and J.S. Smith - Late Wisconsinan ice-flow history on the tip of the Northern Peninsula, northwestern Newfoundland (6.3 MB)
  14. M.J. Ricketts - Surficial aggregate-resource mapping in NTS map areas 1M/1, 1N/12 and 1N/13 (8.8 MB)
  15. J.S. Smith - Glacial stratigraphy of the southwest Red Indian Lake Basin, Newfoundland: Preliminary results (21.2 MB)
  16. W.D. Boyce and I. Knight - Macropaleontological investigation of the Upper St. George Group, West Isthmus Bay to East Bay Section, Port au Port Peninsula, western Newfoundland (13.5 MB)
  17. A. Hinchey - Geology of the northern portion of the Silver Mountain map area (NTS 12H/11), southern Long Range Inlier, Newfoundland (35.5 MB)
  18. I. Knight - Thrusting of the Long Range Massif above Cambrian rocks of the ‘Jack Ladder Triangle’, Lomond and Cormack map areas, western Newfoundland: Stratigraphic and structural evidence (7.8 MB)
  19. L.S. Normore - Geology of the Bonavista map area (NTS 2C/11), Newfoundland (10 MB)
  20. B.H. O’Brien - Stratigraphy of the type area of the Early Ordovician Catchers Pond Group, southwestern Green Bay (NTS 12H/9 map area), Newfoundland (3.3 MB)
  21. T. Skulski, S. Castonguay, V. McNicoll, C. van Staal, W. Kidd, N. Rogers, W. Morris, H. Ugalde, H. Slavinski, W. Spicer, Y. Moussallam and I. Kerr - Tectonostratigraphy of the Baie Verte oceanic tract and its ophiolite cover sequence on the Baie Verte Peninsula (16 MB)
  22. P. Valley - Geology of the southeastern Churchill Province: Crossroads Lake area, western Labrador (25.7 MB)
  23. T.S. van Nostrand and D. Lowe - Geology of the Seal Lake area, central Labrador (parts of NTS map areas 13K/3, 4, 5 and 6)(15.2 MB)
  24. A. Zagorevski, N. Rogers and R. Haslam - Geology and significance of the Harry’s River mafic volcanic rocks, Buchans area, Newfoundland (3.7 MB)
  25. A. Harris and S. Cochrane - Core-storage program, 2009 (188 KB)
  26. G.J. Stapleton, J.L. Smith, D.W. Hanchar and H.M. Rafuse - Mineral Occurrence Data System (1.3 MB)

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