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  1. A.J. Mills, G.R. Dunning, M. Murphy and A. Langille - New geochronological constraints on the timing of magmatism for the Bull Arm Formation, Musgravetown Group, Avalon Terrane, northeastern Newfoundland
  2. A.J. Mills and H.A.I. Sandeman - Lithogeochemistry of mafic intrusive rocks from the Bonavista Peninsula, Avalon Terrane, northeastern Newfoundland
  3. B. Ryan, J. Connelly and D. James - U–Pb geochronology of the western part of the Nain Plutonic Suite, Kingurutik Lake area (NTS 14D/15)
  4. T.S. van Nostrand and S. Broughm - Geology of the Ashuanipi Complex, western Labrador (NTS map sheets 23J/02, 03 and part of 23J/04)
  5. A. Westhues - Updated geology of the St. Alban’s map area (NTS 1M/13), Dunnage and Gander zones
  6. H. Campbell, J.S. Organ and D. Taylor - Till-geochemistry sampling and Quaternary mapping in south-central Newfoundland, Great Burnt Lake (NTS 12A/08), Northern Cold Spring Pond (NTS 12A/01, and Burnt Hill (NTS 2D/05) map areas
  7. H. Campbell, R. Paulen and J. Rice - Quaternary mapping and till geochemistry, Woods Lake, western Labrador (NTS map areas 23I/03, 04, 05, 06, 23I/11 and 12)
  8. J.S. Organ, P. Dunlop, S. Benetti, J. Shaw and T. Bell - The Newfoundland Ice Sheet Shelf (NISS) Survey – Research cruise: Bay d’Espoir to Burgeo, Newfoundland
  9. J. Conliffe - Geology and geochemistry of the Sokoman Formation in the Gabbro Lake area, eastern Labrador Trough
  10. R. King and J. Conliffe - Carbonate-hosted Zn mineralization in the Hare Bay and Pistolet Bay areas, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland
  11. H.A.I. Sandeman, G.R. Dunning, C.K. McCullough and C. Peddle - U–Pb geochronology, petrogenetic relationships and intrusion-related precious-metal mineralization in the northern Mount Peyton intrusive suite: Implications for the origin of the Mount Peyton trend, central Newfoundland (NTS 2D/04)
  12. G.W. Sparkes, G.R. Dunning and A. Langille - The Michelin deposit: An example of albitite-hosted uranium mineralization within the Central Mineral Belt of Labrador
  13. G.J. Stapleton and J.L. Smith - Mineral Inventory Project
A. Mills, G.R. Dunning and A. Langille - New geochronological constraints on the Connecting Point Group, Bonavista Peninsula, Avalon Zone, Newfoundland

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