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Current Research 2018

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  1. S. Hashmi - Quaternary mapping and till sampling in Cormack (NTS 12H/06) and Silver Mountain (NTS 12H/11) map areas, western Newfoundland
  2. M. Irvine, G. Roberts and L. Oldham - Assessing the applicability of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data in environmental monitoring of coastal environments: St. David’s, Newfoundland
  3. G. Kilfoil, A. Blagdon, A. Leitch, H. Campbell, M. Irvine, M. Batterson, G. Roberts and B. Baker - The application and testing of two geophysical methods (Direct-current resistivity and Ground-penetrating radar) as part of the coastal monitoring program to assess terrain stability
  4. D.G.E. Liverman - Avalanches in Newfoundland and Labrador – An update
  5. J. Conliffe, R. King and D. Wilton - Genesis of carbonate-hosted Zn mineralization in the Hare Bay and Pistolet Bay areas, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland
  6. Z. Magyarosi - Preliminary investigations of the fluorite mineralization in the sediment- and rhyolite-hosted AGS vein system, St. Lawrence, Newfoundland
  7. H.A.I. Sandeman, C. Peddle and R. Newman - Beaver Brook antimony mine revisited: An update on operations and new structural and geological observations
  8. A. Smith, J. Conliffe and D. Wilton - Montagnais Gabbro of western Labrador: Preliminary geological and petrographic data and implications for Ni–Cu–PGE mineralization
  9. G.W. Sparkes - Preliminary investigations into the distribution of VMS-style mineralization within the central portion of the Buchans–Roberts Arm (volcanic) belt, central Newfoundland
  10. G.J. Stapleton and J.L. Smith - Mineral Inventory Project
  11. J.P. Butler - New geological mapping of the Hollinger Lake area (NTS 23J/16), central Labrador Trough
  12. A. Westhues and M.A. Hamilton - Geology, lithogeochemistry and U–Pb geochronology of the Baie d’Espoir Group and intrusive rocks, St. Alban’s map area, Newfoundland

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