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Open File 013N/0139 - Lithogeochemical and Field Data for Rock Samples from the Flowers River Igneous Suite, Northeastern Labrador [NTS Map Areas 13N/10-15]

J.W. McConnell

St. John's, Newfoundland, December, 2010


The report provides all the analytical data, and selected field data, obtained from a helicopter-borne rock-sampling survey conducted over NTS map areas 13N/10–15 in northeastern Labrador by the Geological Survey in 1985. Some 346 samples were collected, primarily from outcrops of peralkaline granite of the Flowers River Igneous Suite (ca. 1270 Ma). Geochemical data include analyses of 11 oxides and 38 minor and trace elements. These data are particularly suitable for displaying in a geographic information system or for performing statistical analyses.

Statistical analyses indicate these rocks are enriched in rare earth elements. Descriptions of analytical methods, tables of statistics and a map showing sample locations in respect to topography and geology are provided.

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