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Open File NFLD/3260 - Stream-sediment, Soil and Rock Geochemical Surveys over Granitic Rocks in Southern Newfoundland (NTS Map Areas 12A/2, 11P/10, 15, 16 and 1M/10, 11, 13 to 15)

J.W. McConnell

St. John's, Newfoundland, July, 2015


Rocks, stream-sediment and/or soil surveys and sampling were conducted in seven areas of granitic terrane in southern Newfoundland between 1982 and 1984: Granite Lake (map area 12A/2), Dolland Brook and Dolland Brook North (map area 11P/15), Bottom Brook (map area 11P/16), East Bay (map areas 1M/13 and 11P/16), François Granite (map area 11P/10) and Ackley Granite (map areas 1M/10, 11, 14 and 15).l

Using ten different methods, stream-sediment samples were analyzed for up to 39 unique elements and loss-on-ignition. Soil samples were analyzed for up to 15 unique elements and loss-on-ignition, using 9 different methods, and rock samples were analyzed for up to 34 unique elements and loss-on-ignition, using 9 different methods.

The report provides summary statistics of the geochemical data, correlation analyses of selected data, histograms, cumulative frequency plots, sample-location maps and symbol maps showing the distribution of most elements and variables for sediment and soil samples. The symbols are overlain on maps showing drainage features and detailed-scale geology.

The study demonstrates that stream-sediment and soil sampling are effective methods of delineating most known granophile mineral occurrences in these areas. As well, several areas with anomalous stream-sediment and soil samples are identified, which suggest the presence of potential mineralization.

This Open File is divided into two files due to its large size: the main report and the appendices.

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