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Report of Activities 1975

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  1. B.A. Greene - Burin Bonavista Project
  2. B.A. Greene - Harbour Breton Map Area
  3. D.F. Strong - The Marystown−Grand Bank−St. Lawrence Area
  4. S.P. Colman-Sadd - Geological Mapping−Bay D'Espoir Area
  5. C. Fong and C. Douglas - Geological Mapping, Northern Part of St. George's Bay Carboniferous Basin
  6. I. Knight - Geological Mapping, Carboniferous Rocks, Cape Anguille Mountains, Southwest Newfoundland
  7. J.R. DeGrace, B.F. Kean, E. Hsu and D.M. Besaw - Geology of the Nipper's Harbour Map Sheet (2E/13)
  8. W.R. Smyth, B.E. Marten and B. Ryan - Geological Mapping in the Central Mineral Belt, Labrador: Redefinition of the Croteau Group
  9. B.E. Marten - Geology of the Letitia Lake Area, Labrador
  10. D.G. Vanderveer - Surficial and Glacial Mapping, Southwest Newfoundland
  11. D.G. Vanderveer - Surficial and Glacial Mapping, Burin Peninsula
  12. D.M. Besaw and J.R. DeGrace - Limestone/Dolostone Evaluation
  13. A.J. Butler and B.A. Greene - Silica in Newfoundland
  14. J.G. McArthur - Barite-Celestite Evaluation
  15. B.E. Marten and W.R. Smyth - Uranium Potential of the Basal Unconformity of the Seal Lake Group, Labrador
  16. D.G. Vanderveer and R. Harvey - A Reconnaissance Survey of Clay Deposits on the Island of Newfoundland
  17. C. Douglas and E. Hsu - Mineral Occurrence Maps
  18. P.H. Davenport, A.J. Butler and E.H.W. Hornbrook - Geochemical Reconnaissance Survey of the Eastern Burlington Peninsula
  19. J.G. McArthur and P.H. Davenport - A Geochemical Reconnaissance Survey of the Codroy-Bay St. George Carboniferous Basin

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