Natural Resources

Mines Maps

The Mines Branch's Geological Survey Division produces a variety of maps of the Province as the result of its basic geoscience research in bedrock geology, mineral deposits, surficial-sediment deposits and landform structures. Other research has yielded maps that demonstrate the distribution and level of naturally occurring elements, and help define potential targets for mineral and hydrocarbons.

Digital geoscientific maps are available via our GeoFiles, via Reports and Maps or through GeoScience OnLine. Other maps can be ordered from the Geoscience Publications and Information office. Listings of our most recent online maps and reports (geoscience) can be found here. A selection of maps are available in preliminary vector format, upon request.

The Mines Branch also maintains interactive maps of up-to-the-minute information on the disposition of mineral rights and quarry rights, viewable via GeoScience OnLine and the Geoscience Atlas.

A variety of non-confidential geoscience maps generated by private-sector exploration companies are available for download, at no cost, from our GeoFiles.

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