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Date: Spring, 1886?

Location: Ramah

Easting: ?

Northing: ?



Fatalities: 0

Injuries: ?

Source: La Trobe, B. (Benjamin), 1889. With the Harmony to Labrador: notes of a visit to the Moravian mission stations on the north-east coast of Labrador. London : Moravian Church and Mission Agency. in new window opens new window

In 1888 the Reverend Benjamin LaTrobe took sail in the "Harmony" in order to visit the various Moravian missions in northern Labrador. At that time there was an active mission in Ramah, and the Reverend described the setting and an avalanche that had occurred there recently.

"To the east of the mission house there is a pretty waterfall about ten or twelve feet in depth. It is the last leap of a mountain brook which in summer flows swiftly down the deep ravine, which it has cut... In spring, when a thaw sets in, this little stream is a source of danger to Ramah. Its deep channel is filled with snow, and the pent up torrent, seeking an outlet, is apt to escape from its usual bounds and start an avalanche down the steep declivity... Flat slaty stones, suitable for a wall, lie around in abundance, brought down by the avalanche, which, a year or two ago endangered the station, but happily did little more damage than destroy the powder-house and devastate the burial-ground. Kegs of powder and tombstones were carried far out onto the ice. Most of the latter were recovered unbroken and replaced"

The description of Latrobe suggests a rather unusual avalanche, triggered mostly by waters associated with the spring thaw, and carrying down much rock- perhaps a mixture of avalanche and landslide.

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