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Date: March 13 2008

Location:Fogo, Fogo Island







Source: VOCM web site, CBC website

A heavy winter storm struck most of central Newfoundland on March 13, with up to 50 cm of snow falling and high winds. Weather records show close to 50 cm snow on the ground prior to the storm. At about 5 pm, Edna Brown, a resident of Fogo, heard a loud noise "like a bomb went off", and an avalanche swept down the slopes above her house, striking the back of the house causing minor damage, overturning a snowmobile and moving a truck.

CBC reported as follows:-
Edna Brown, whose house was hit by the avalanche, said she was surprised by the amount of snow that came down from the hills. "We heard this big bang and we thought it was the wood stove chimney," she said. "We went out É and couldn't get the door open." Brown said the force of the snow tipped over a pickup truck and snowmobile on their property and knocked the rails from her back deck.

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