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Date: 1910

Location: Burgeo

Easting: ?

Northing: ?

Latitude: 47° 37' 00" N

Longitude: 57° 37' 00" W

Fatalities: 1

Injuries: 0

Source: Joseph Small's diary of Burgeo

A hint of another avalanche victim comes from the diary of Joseph Small. Small came to Burgeo from the USA. He was the enumerator for the 1921 census in the Burgeo area, and wrote about the area in his 1925 "Diary of Burgeo". When discussing the people of the small community of Bay de Lieu, he outlines the history of the Strickland family. He writes:- "George Strickland died here the 16th of March, age 59. Surviving him were sons William, John, and George. I know of no others. Also left were daughters Betsy, Rachel, and Fanny. I have heard that there was one older than William. William married first, a woman at Hunt's, who did not live very long. There was no family. In 1860, he married Sarah Timberley, who is still living with her daughter, Mrs. [George] Sutton. They had quite a family. Edward died a young man. James married a daughter of John Crant. Both are still living. John married Sarah Kinslow of Red Island. Both of them are also still living. Joseph never married; he was killed in the country by an avalanche of snow fifteen years ago." This is the only indication we have of this tragedy, that apparently took place in around 1910. Further research may reveal more about the fate of the unfortunate Joseph.

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