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Date: January 2, 1922

Location: Rapid Pond or Little Rapids

Easting: 448500

Northing: 5427300

Latitude: 49° 00' 00" N

Longitude: 57° 42' 00" W

Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: Western Star, Jan 4, 1922

Passengers travelling from Corner Brook to St. John's were extremely fortunate to survive a large avalanche without even serious injury. The train was travelling in the area of Big Rapids, upstream from Shellbird Island, when the avalanche swept across the tracks. The engine had passed but the snow hit the front baggage car, and this was carried out onto the ice of Rapid Pond, followed by the second baggage car, two passenger coaches and the dining car. If the pond had not been frozen solid, it is almost certain that tragedy would have occurred, but the forty passengers escaped without injury and were taken back to Curling to await the line being cleared. By an uncommon twist of fate, several of the passengers affected were travelling to St. John's after surviving a ship-wreck on the west coast.

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