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Date: March 10, 1995

Location: Lewis Hills

Easting: 396000

Northing: 5411000



Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

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An avalanche affected a group of snowmobilers travelling between Corner Brook and Stephenville in the Lewis Hills.

CBC web site

Last week, a group of snowmobilers travelling between Corner Brook and Stephenville had a first-hand encounter with an avalanche.

When they got off their machines on top of a hill, the snow underneath them gave way.

They tumbled down a hill, with their fall stopped by a ledge underneath the snow. The rest of the avalanche continued down the hill, until it was more than 10 metres wide.

"I got a fright because I didn't know what happened, if they were buried Ð that was my first reaction," said Mike McCarthy, a Corner Brook resident.

"I've seen smaller ones, but this one here was fairly big and I didn't expect this to happen."

Mike MaCarthy wrote "On Fri. March 10 in the Lewis Hills area, my companions had a frightening experience. we were standing about 15 to 20 ft. away from the edge of a bowl when two of my buddies step forward and just drop out of sight. The whole rim let go and dropped about10ft. just lucky that the piece they were on didn't tumble or it would have been serious. A lot of chunks rolled down the steep valley. "

Grant Hicks wrote "I know that spot well. There are 2 large holes in an otherwise gently sloping hillside. We call them the Twin Swirls. I have some pictures of the area from other angles as well. In fact one of our guys caused a similar fall in the exact same spot earlier this year February 12th I believe."

Grant also wrote "I have attached a couple of pictures of one of the avalanches that were set off while riding on February 23rd of this year. These two were small by comparison to others that have been seen in the Lewis Hills. One of our riders cut across the hillside while a second rider followed further back. The second rider was caught in the slide and his snowmobile was taken completely away from him and deposited at the bottom of the slope."

Twin Swirls avalanche, February 12 2006 (photo by Grant Hicks)

February 23 2006 avalanche (photo by Grant Hicks)

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