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Date: August 3 1941

Location: Burin Peninsula



Latitude: 47° 00' 00" N

Longitude: 55° 40' 00" W

Fatalities: 2

Injuries: 0

Source: Environment Canada. Flooding Events in Newfoundland and Labrador - An Historical Perspective. Prepared by A.D. Kindervater, Inland Waters Directorate, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 80-WPMB-4. July 1980. Daily News, 1941

Burin Peninsula, St. John's and Little St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, experienced the effects of flooding caused by torrential rains.

In Little St. Lawrence Fred Connors and John Badcock, both employees of the United Towns Electric Company were drowned when one of the spillways to the company dam broke. The Daily News reported that 4" (more than 100 mm) of rain fell in just 8 hours. The heavy rain caused the dam to be over-topped, and 50 m of the spilllway broke away under the force of water. Elsewhere roads were flooded, cellars were damaged, and other property damaged.

The total rainfall was reported to be 98.3mm for a 66 hour period. St John's also was subject to heavy rain, with minor damage to streets, and some cellars flooded.

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